Saturday, July 22, 2006

isn't the check good enough?

i think i'm setting the record for the longest bout of writer's block, but we'll get to that in a minute.

while at work today, i finally bought my plane tickets for my high school reunion in kansas city next month. then, i called my dad to let him know i'll need to be retrieved and (hopefully) handed the keys to the miata.*

i've already formulated a back up plan, in case i get tired of dealing with my inebriated former classmates after the first hour of the reunion....and i've come up with a second back up plan, since i just found out the friend i was going to call after becoming tired of dealing with my inebriated former classmates after the first hour of the reunion will be out of town that weekend.

i've lost ten of the fifteen pounds i was hoping to drop before the reunion. unfortunately, five of them snuck back on this past week, thanks to taco bell. (that's it- no more crunchwrap supremes for me for at least a matter how delightful the spicy chicken ones might be.)

heck, my skin even cleared up. well, until i finally got my contacts in, that is.

however, despite all of my other preparations going relatively smoothly, i still haven't finished the "biography form". every time i try to sit down to fill out the remaining questions, i fiddle around for about a minute and a half, put pen to paper, and then come up with some sort of excuse to abandon the whole thing and spend the next hour on some sort of meaningful task, like obsessively checking myspace to see if anyone's professed their undying love to me, or picking my bellybutton lint or trying to think of something (hopefully) mildly entertaining to write about. if i had a pet, i'd take it for a walk as an excuse, though i'm afraid i'd probably run through a whole lot of goldfish that way.

i didn't have this much of a struggle with my senior paper, and i wrote that whole thing from start to finish the night before it was due.

with the rsvp deadline rapidly approaching, i'm almost to the point where i'm seriously contemplating sending in my payment and a note stating that i'd like to remain an enigma instead of trying to decide what my favorite place i've lived or traveled, my favorite high school memory, and my hobbies/interests/activities are.

and don't even get me started on "what's still on your to do list", because quite frankly, one line is not going to give me enough space to jot down my plans for the next 72 years.

actually, perhaps therein lies the solution.

what's still on your to do list?
figure out how to finish filling out this questionaire before our 20th reunion.

*actually, i may have forgotten to mention that last part, but i figure i can bring it up after buttering him up in disneyworld this next week.


.: raven :. said...

heh .. i didn't go to either of mine .. 10 or 20 ... and while i thought they were supposed to do a 25 last year, i never heard anything.

Labbie said...

I vowed never to go to my reunions... If they want to see what happened to me that bad, they can wait for my VH1 Behind the Music Special... Scratch that... It'll be an A&E Biography Special...

duff said...

raven: they're probably holding out for a 30th in the hopes that you'll attend.

labbie: just as long as it's not an episode of "america's most wanted".

Callie said...

Duff, you stole my smartass remark to Labbie. :-P

My 20th is next year, and I refuse to write out one of those stupid questionaires. I'd go with the enigma comment, and call it good. Then again, you're talking to the girl whose senior quote in the yearbook was a line from Poe. I was a little on the weird side.

duff said...

callie: nothing wrong with poe. i used him as the subject for a couple of history papers in college.

i was lucky enough to get to go to his birthday celebration one year while we still lived in baltimore- still one of my favorite childhood memories.

Labbie said...

I was adviced by counsel not to respond to that AMW comment, Duff.

duff said...

we have ways of making you talk, labbie.

when was the last time you got a good, ol' fashioned noogie?

Motherdear said...

Never been to a high school re-onion! Too late now. Everybody's old and dead.