Sunday, July 02, 2006

pardon the dust...

...that i seem to have been left in.

truthfully, i was going to write about something else this evening. i have the post maybe 75% finished...and then i totally lost where i was going with it.

hey- this stuff happens to the best of us....and certainly to those of us who are far from the i am. (not the best- far from it. i mean, i didn't come back from my vacation all conceited and stuff or anything.)

but i digress.

while my vacation gave me time to be completely irresponsible (i'll have proof of that on my next credit card statement, to be sure), other folks did more responsible, grown up things while i was gone. i missed not one, but two weddings (sorry about that- i'm sure they were lovely, though), and it seems my sibling has gotten it into her head to be all grown up and adult and whatnot, and now owns a house.

so, despite being older than all three folks who've recently taken on "adult" responsibilities, i'm the one still running away to the wilderness at regular intervals and photographing gnomes in public places.

you know what? i think i'm pretty okay with that.


Callie said...

Congrats to ltlme on her new house. Tell her I miss her!

Hope you had fun on your vacation! Glad you're back.

.: raven :. said...

wow .. go away for a little while and all hell breaks loose and people start doing *responsible* things .. what's up with that?

omg .. love the gnome picture!!!!

glad you had a good vacation!

Labbie said...

And I'm okay with it too, my dear. By the way, I was doing some analyses, and I figured out what your blog needs... More Cowbell.

Martha said...

I certainly would be happy to avoid as many adult responsibilities as possible.

They're all sure to be jealous of you and your vacationing ways.