Saturday, July 15, 2006

this and that

a few random bits and pieces of thoughts i've had today (because i'm lazy and don't have enough time for a real post before i head out of the station and into the hundred degree heat.)

~dave gahan looks so much better with facial hair. i finally found my way over to youtube, and quite frankly, i would have certainly kicked the younger version of dave out of bed. the older one....not so much.

~which, in an odd sort of way, reminds me that i really need to find my list of most wanted cds. SO has been hounding me about possible birthday gifts. i suppose, if pressed, i could send him on a treasure hunt, as a couple of the titles i want are a little obscure.

~while i've got transportation for my next trip (disneyworld in a week and a half) covered, i really need to get on the ball this weekend and look into some tickets for the high school reunion next month. while i'm at it, i suppose i should finish filling out that questionnaire, and then i need to find a vaguely flattering picture from that era for some sort of slideshow. i wonder if photoshopping's allowed. (actually, since i look pretty much the same now as i did then, maybe i can just sneak in a current photograph without anyone noticing.)

~owen wilson is on the bigscreen again this weekend. therefore, i will be in the theater after work. perhaps, if i'm awake enough, i'll post a review later. it is far more likely, however, that i will go home, crawl into bed with a book, and (brace yourself) perhaps even fall asleep early. (can you tell i'm trying to avoid my "to do" list, which is currently as long as my arm and includes stimulating tasks, like "scrub out the shower", "shovel off desk", and "write 9 months worth of belated birthday cards"?)

~i need to get random photos caught up....and then decide if i'm going to make any changes for the next maybe actually remembering to take a photo a day.

~still need to come up with something memorable for my birthday. kayaking in charleston is out (dammit!), and somehow i doubt val is going to show up at my door....though i'll be at work for at least a few hours anyway. i'm in serious need of a plan b.

~got a great compliment in my email yesterday- someone i respect a great deal wrote:

"by the way, you really should look into writing for a living. you're quite good at it."

that totally made my weekend.


Labbie said...

Someone you respect a great deal? But I didn't write that...

bricotrout said...

nor did i. but i could.
say, happy birthday kiddo!! how you gonna spend your monday?