Saturday, July 22, 2006

you searched for what???

just when i think there's nothing to write about, you folks come to the rescue.

actually, that's a little white lie- i contemplated recounting my adventures during yesterday's bank run, complete with the large trucks moving at a glacial pace and the fool at the bank who needed three tried to figure out her deposit (or maybe she has three seperate transactions...i neither know or care) who totally deserved it when i gunned my engine at her after her 15 minute transaction....just like i deserved every mexican morsel purchased at taco bell after my transactions took less than five minutes.......

but really, i shouldn't bore you with the whole story.

instead, how about an overdue look at the more unusual searches that lead you folks here:

tom keifer updates

this query came from a curious cinderella fan in saskatchewan, canada. well, i assume they're a cinderella fan, anyway. (now on tour with poison, i believe....not that i pay attention to that sort of thing, of course.)

nope, not at all. how much are tickets to the charlotte show next month?

Heavenly hiraani tiger lily rapping?

what? let's see here- it's been 8 1/2 years since michael hutchence died, which would make her around nine....and somehow i doubt ....wait a minute. look what popped up ahead of me on the results page.

and finally, the piece de resistance, courtesy of a reader in the bustling metropolis of hugo, oklahoma:

photos of male bodybuilders getting a wedgie

i have no idea how i came up on this search. i scrolled througvh the first three pages, and didn't see random musings anywhere....for which i think i probably should be grateful.

surprisingly, i didn't see any of the requested pictures when i clicked yahoo's "images" link. imagine that.

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