Thursday, July 20, 2006

pass the paintbrush....and the pen

i'm way too lazy to fire up my laptop when i get home from work so i can bang out a post and update random photos, so i figure i might as well take the lazy way out and post from work. (don't worry- i'm off the clock.)

speaking of work, the bosses are out of town. while they're wandering around "the happiest place on earth", i've been left in charge of the pets, the house, and several gallons of paint. somehow, thus far, i've managed not to mix the pets and the paint, though there was a close call this evening involving one of the cats and some freshly oil-painted trim, but i'm pleased to report that her hearing is fine after all, and i may have even taught her a new word. (thank goodness my bosses don't have any of those talking birds, as the thought of one of them slipping and calling a random guest a "fuckwit"* is almost enough to make me blush....and we all know that's not easily done.)

the downside of all this painting, however, is that, well, currently i am working with oil-based paint, which i love dealing with almost as much as i love dealing with rabid monkeys.

yeah- notsomuch.

actually, after putting off this particular project for the past six months, i've found that i was really missing out on a great opportunity. the past two days, i've inadvertantly colored my hair, nearly gotten turpentine in my left eye while trying to un-color my hair, learned how to balance on the edge of the bathtub and the handle of the stepstool while painting the top edge of the window frame, and i swear i saw little men hiding in the bushes outside said window last night, but that could have been because i'd forgotten to open a window or turn on a fan or something to allow the paint fumes to dissipate.

since i'm only halfway through this little project, i'm thinking in another couple of days, i might have enough material for a chapter in a book sometime.

maybe if i'm really lucky, they'll stick me on a shelf next to bob vila. (better make it a low one, just in case the little men who hide in bushes like to read.)

*my current favorite insult, especially in traffic.


Motherdear said...

OOOH! Painting with oil paint in an enclosed space, with pets... sure know how to live dangerously, duff! I've personally never painted a color I didn't enjoy being for a week. And never painted a window that you could see through later, without a week of scraping with a razor blade.

Good luck on your project, sweetie. And watch out for those little me. They like to sneak up on you and take naked photos of you in the tub!

duff said...

i wasn't naked......i painted wearing a t-shirt.

Motherdear said...

No, THEY were naked...