Wednesday, July 05, 2006


how do i love google, let me count the ways.....

1. google boosts my ego every time i type in my name and see my blog listed......however, i have nothing to do with the german porn site it also brings to my attention.

2. when i'm lying awake in bed after midnight with one line from a song in my head, and trying to figure out the title/artist/rest of the song is driving me nuts, i can type the lyric into google, and in less than fifteen seconds, the mystery is solved. ("what do you want from me?", by monaco*, was the culprit last night....)

*monaco, as i learned on wikipedia thanks to a link supplied by- you guessed it- google, was a side project of peter hook, of joy division/new order. armed with this knowledge, i think i could totally beat mark mcgrath in the event that rock n' roll jeopardy ever makes a comeback.


chuckawucka said...

I get that kind of experience too - whenever I google "Chuckawucka" my blog's always listed early on.

Which makes me think, "Hey, the earler my blog lists the more likely someone will visit my blog."

To which my cynical mind retorts, "What is the likelihood of someone even searching for the term 'chuckawucka' in the first place?"

Ah, there goes my happy bubble.

.: raven :. said...

google is my start page. :)

Motherdear said...

We have an expression in our family, when one of us says something and the other looks at him/her, quizically...

Skeptic: "Are you sure about that??"

Expounder: "Yeah? Well check it out. Google that shit!"

Odd how new words make their ways into our vocabulary, is it not???

And all because of one little search engine that could!!

Where's Sentence Saturday, duff? I miss it!