Sunday, July 23, 2006

baby...i can't wait

since i'm not fired up about anything at the moment, and therefore have nothing realy entertaining (or is it just bitchy?) to write about, i'm shamelessly stealing this idea from my dear friend jamie, whose myspace page i'd link to, except for the small problem of myspace being down right now, and therefore, i can't look up her url.

actually, i guess myspace's current login issues could lead to a vaguely amusing, highly ranty piece on my part, but i've been kind of cranky lately i guess, and i'd hate for you to chalk it up to pms (i swear it's not!) and attempt to mail large amounts of dark chocolate to me.*

anyway, back when myspace was behaving earlier this afternoon, jamie posted a list of things she was looking forward to. it's been a little while since i did a meme of any sort, so i figure i might as well join in:

i can't wait..... ride through the haunted mansion ten times a day for nearly a week. (three days to go!) knock hawaii off the list of states i've yet to visit. go sledding again. all i need is a big hill and some snow. oh- and a sled. get a couple more stamps on my national park passport. (oh come on- like you didn't already know i was a raging dork.) drop this last five pounds before the high school reunion. hear professions of undying love from former crushes at the aforementioned reunion. (no need to worry about my safety- i'm not going to hold my breath or anything.) see my little sister's new house, not to mention the muppets exhibit at the smithsonian through labor day. (guess i'd better get cracking on that one....) watch the special features on the dread pirate edition of the princess bride, which SO presented me with on my birthday. (he's getting pretty good at taking hints.) get my picture taken with various characters at disneyworld. (the seven dwarves, winnie the pooh and friends (especially piglet), nemo, stitch, and just about anyone else who's not a princess.) crawl under the comforter tonight- i'm wiped out.

so- what about you? what can't you wait for?

(leave a comment so i know to swing by and check out your list, okay?)

*actually, the only reason i'm discouraging that practice is that i'm trying to drop a couple of pounds still....and with the current heatwave, the chocolate would be pretty much fondue by the time it made it out here anyway.

1 comment:

Motherdear said...

What a great meme, duff!

I hope you'll share the Disney pix. I love eeyore. I MARRIED eeyore, so nicknamed by Kal before he left home to be the dread pirate prince bridegroom.

Have a stupendous time. We'll miss you!