Sunday, July 16, 2006

photo happy

for the past year, i've tried to post a photo a day over at random photos. while i haven't always managed to keep up with that goal, at least i've made a pretty good effort. the pictures posted over there are mostly just quick snapshots- nothing really worth enlarging and framing above the bed, but the goal wasn't to cultivate my inner ansel adams as much as it was to keep a record of the past year. (well, technically, it'll be a year tomorrow, but i'll most likely be at work and won't have time to dig through old posts, as i do today.)

anyway, here are some of my favorites:

the picture that started it all. me at riverbanks zoo, 17 july 2005

one of the best birthday presents ever- catching duran duran in charlotte.
(we were in the 11th row.)  20 july 2005

bay of fundy, as seen from hopewell rocks, new brunswick, canada
29 july 2005

f stop and bodhi visit d.c. on our way back from visiting mama in maine.
31 july 2005

one of the tigers at riverbanks zoo- this turned out really well, considering the digital camera i use has no zoom.
14 august 2005

jake, one of my coworkers, busy guarding the yard from geese.
8 november 2005

christmas eve in maine

bar harbor, maine
29 december 2005

recognize this? it's the picture i tinkered with to create my myspace background.
5 january 2006

at the tender age of 27, i finally made it to the circus.
19 january 2006

i swear i'm not a dog person....yet somehow this one's gotten to me.
9 march 2006

from my first trip to congaree national park
16 march 2006

havasu falls, arizona
21 april 2006

mooney falls, arizona
22 april 2006

norris geyser basin, yellowstone national park
22 june 2006

sunset in yellowstone national park
22 june 2006

grand canyon of the yellowstone
23 june 2006

yellowstone lake
23 june 2006

jackson lake and the tetons, grand teton national park
24 june 2006

the tetons
24 june 2006

kayaking in montana with a few friends
26 june 2006



dheninger said...

are you still planning on posting random photos after tomorrow? i really enloy looking at all the beautiful places you visit and enjoy the gnome pics.

Stef said...

well hell... after all those gorgeous Yellowstone shots, I need to get up there and check it out for myself!

So close, yet so far... *sigh*

jamwall said...

those are nice pics!

duff said...

dheninger: yes.

stef: it's totally worth the roadtrip. you should go up through the tetons, too- it's absolutely gorgeous.

jamwall: thanks. i also set up each one so that if you click on them, you'll see me naked,

or not.

DrM2B said...

I think the funniest is the look on that chicks face to the right of Fstop and Bohdi in DC LOL