Saturday, July 29, 2006

dizz knee land, pt. 4

today was a bit of a mixed bag. after staying out so late at the magic kingdom (my first two runs through the haunted mansion, among other things), we passed on the early trip to the animal kingdom (i wasn't exactly functional at 6am this morning), slept in, and arrived at epcot just in time for lunch.

while we'd contemplated going to morocco for our midday meal, we opted instead for mexico, home of a delightfully fruity frosty beverage called the...the....i can't remember what the thing is called, which clearly indicates that i'll have to have at least one more before we leave. (just thought of it- it's called a "conga", and it's a blend of pineapple, orange, and lime juices, yet it's sort of pinkish, so i suppose maybe some grenadine might be involved, too.) SO and i split a disappointing order of nachos, though there were a few folks wandering around looking hopeful that they might be able to have a dropped scrap or two.

on our way out of epcot, we stopped by the journey into imagination ride, which we'd previously been on twice. (yes, sibling, this means our beloved figment is back. in fact, to prove it, i'm going to put up this photo i actually took the other night, but was too lazy/tired to put up:)

and this one:

on our way out of the park, SO was dying to see spaceship earth, so (forgive me, sibling) it was the last ride we rode before heading over to the animal kingdom.

the first time we came to disneyworld, animal kingdom hadn't even been thought of yet, and the second time i came down here, i spent my extra day in the magic kingdom and epcot, instead of bothering with the animal kingdom, because, after all, i've been to zoos. after visiting yesterday, i can safey say that not only was my life complete before, but i really don't feel too great a need for another visit.

i'm probably a little biased, though. we were going to ride the new rollercoaster in the park, but they were out of fastpasses, and i didn't have the patience to wait in line for an hour, especially since i was already frustrated about not being able to reach anyone on the walkie talkies. so, we wandered over to the dinosaur area, were we rode on one rollercoaster (pretty cool), and got in line for the big dinosaur ride. half an hour later, we were almost at the front of that line, but then the ride suffered some "technical difficulties" and was shut down.

it was pretty hot outside, and SO needed a drink, so we went to mcdonald's, where it took 10 minutes to get a simple coke. after our soda, we wandered over to the train in africa, where our timing finally worked out right and dad and kathie stepped off the train as we were getting on. they rode around again with us, and we met the rest of my stepfamily on the other side. post-ride, i went on the whitewater rafting ride with my stepsiblings and their kids, while SO watched all of our bags and dad and kathie headed back to their room. discussion with the ride operators over whether or not shoes had to be worn during the ride ensued, and i found myself wishing i'd ridden with the odd rider out on another boat. (there's room for 12 on each boat, and we had 13.)

post-soaking, everyone headed back to our resort to get changed into drier clothes for dinner at the boma buffet at the animal kingdom lodge.

while we waited to be seated for dinner, we wandered around outside, taking pictures of several animals. after several photos (which blogger seems unwilling to allow me to upload) and a trip to the gift shop (i did pretty well, actually), we were summoned (via one of those pager thingies) to dinner.

for those down at disney without the disney dining plan, the buffet is thirtysomething dollars (i think) assured it was worth every single penny. SO and i had time for a couple of trips to the buffet (you know that weight you just gained mama? sorry about that.) before heading off to see cirque du soleil's la nouba.

half an hour should have been plenty of time to get from the animal kingdom lodge to downtown disney, where our show was.

should have.

we arrived almost halfway through the show, and while the woman who took our tickets was kind enough to offer to excahnge our tickets for another night, unfortunately those ights were all after we'd be back in columbia.

of course- i scored fifth row seats, and we missed half the show.


as a consolation, post show, SO bought the dvd of the show for me, as well as the varekai dvd (our first cirque show- we saw it for his dad's 60th birthday a couple of years ago.), and the soundtracks to the three shows we've seen (the two i already mentioned, plus delirium, which we caught in columbia a couple months ago- the soundtrack was unavailable at the time.)

whew. okay- i think that covers just about everything from yesterday,(no character encounters, sadly) and since i'm now caught up, i can head to the shower before we take off for the magic kingdom so i can stalk the seven dwarves and piglet.

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Motherdear said...

Give a hug to Grumpy for me and tell him that his twin brother, L&M, is still allowed to live!

You are SOOOO busy~you're going to need a vacation to recuperate from your vacation, hon! Wish Blogger wasn't being such a bitch about uploading pictures. I can't get any of mine in, either!