Wednesday, July 19, 2006

sharon share alike

originally, this evening's post was going to be a letter to sharon stone infroming her that i'd be sending her a bill for the therapy i'm going to need after seeing her breasts in basic instinct 2 last night. do yourself a favor and don't see it. it's much better to spend your hour and a half rewatching the first film, because no one should have to see implants that appear to have fallen if they don't have to. furthermore, the abundance of british accents wasn't enough to make up for the crummy plot. i mean, i've seen pornos with more interesting plots than this film.
(aw, crap- hope daddy doesn't read that part. quick- someone get the smelling salts.)

anyway, it takes time for me to write a letter, especially one that needs to be properly phrased so as not to be too bitchy, and quite frankly, the combination of oil paint fumes and lack of sleep are leaving me a little too tired to devote an hour to pounding out a masterpiece. instead, i'll share with you a few random cinematic tidbits:

last three movies seen in the theater:

1. you, me, and dupree
2. pirates of the caribbean II
3. the devil wears prada (i swaer i'm not the one who picked this out.)

dupree and pirates both had quick bonus scenes after the credits. while they weren't life-changing or anything, they were cute....and besides, who wants to be part of the post-flick stampede exiting the theater?

last three videos i've watched lately:
1. basic instinct 2 (i finished it only because i kept thinking "surely, it'll get better", but nooooooooo. run- don't walk- away from this one if you come across it at the video store.)
2. leroy and stitch
3. kiss kiss bang bang

leroy and stitch was pretty good, though i missed the first few minutes of the film. guess that means it'll need to come into my life during the next gift-giving occasion.

kiss kiss bang bang, while not my favorite val kilmer film...and a spot in my top 5 is iffy as well, was really good. true, val's pretending to be gay, and he has gained an extra pound or two (sibling says i should move on), but i still wouldn't turn him away. no need to buy it for me- SO paid attention to strategically dropped hints and bestowed this upon me for my birthday.

speaking of my birthday i know i owe you the rest of my birthday post.....and you'll get it, just as soon as blogger decides to allow me to upload more photos.

and on that note, i need to try to replace the horrible naked sharon mental picture with something far more pleasing, like, well, anyone but sharon naked.


sibling said...

how about Janet Reno naked?

Motherdear said...

Omigod, you'll really throw her into therapy with that one, sib!!!

I wish they'd stop trying to make sequels to movies that are good enough on their own. Although I would really like to see Pirates.

How was You, Me, and Dupree??? (I don't get out much so probably won't see it until it hits On Demand...)

bricotrout said...

better fallen breasts than her revealing how that other part has aged over the millenia.

Anonymous said...

"With no power comes no responsibility." I can't wait for Clerks II. -Lab Boy, using Puppu Linux to connect a dinosaur of a laptop to the internet.

duff said...

sibling: believe it or not, that may actually be an improvement.

motherdear pirates and dupree were both good- pirates was the better of the two, but maybe that's just because my crush on johnny is longer-running than the one i have on owen wilson.

bricotrout: ack! that was totally uncalled for.....and brings to mind a possible new plastic-surgery fad.
i am simultaneously repulsed and intrigued, which is just wrong

labbie: going old school, eh? wanna borrow my dad's dot matrix printer? i'm sure he'd totally let you use it for awhile......but only if you let me have those leftover strips off the sides of the paper when you're done printing. i used to love those things....