Friday, July 14, 2006


my four year old sidekick is always so helpful in the self-esteem department. as you may recall, a couple of months ago, she reacted to the sight of yours truly in a bikini in a way that, well, didn't exactly make me feel like the next tyra or gisele or even beyonce.

however, i'm proud to report that i've managed to drop about 10 lbs in the past month, and only have about 5 more to go before i'm back at my high school weight. (unfortunately, with my luck, the rest of it will all come out of my bra, necessitating the use of one of those spiffy water bras. heck, if it comes to that, i may go whole hog, buy a d-cup, stuff it, and see how long it takes someone at the 10-year reunion to get up the guts to ask if i've had a boob job. that could be pretty entertaining, actually......)

in fact, when we went to the pool earlier this week, said sidekick approved the wearing of the same blue swimsuit that she screamed about a couple of months ago, so i suppose a little of the weight must've come off of the right places.

however, sidekick has moved on to other things.

last night, while everyone else went to see pirates of the caribbean, she and i stayed home, parked on the couch in front of some animated flick i've never heard of. about halfway through the film, i was hit with this wicked headache. attributing it to the fact that i'd ben squinting too long in the dark, i grabbed my glasses out of my car and put them on.

now, bear in mind that i don't haul out my glasses often. i'm not nearly as self-conscious about them as i used to be, but i still would rather stubbornly squint than put them on 98% of the time. (i suppose i still haven't gotten over my former nerdiness and the associatedd popularity during my younger years, though that's a long story for another time...and probably not on this blog.)

in fact, were it not for a college boyfriend who told me he thought i looked sexy in glasses, i don't know that i'd even bother with owning a pair. (that aside, let me go on the record as saying that i have a certain fondness for guys in glasses.....)

anyway, last night, i was moved to retrieve my glasses from the car. when i got back into the living room and settled back into my spot on the couch, my sidekick noticed my glasses and couldn't resist the urge to comment.

"you look funny in glasses."

perhaps it's time to dig out the ol' contacts again.


Kal said...

(as creepily as possible)

I wear glasses, you know...

Labbie said...

I refuse to wear glasses... I think I should, though... The microscopes have burned a hole in the back of my retina.

chuckawucka said...

I have to wear my glasses often. Not because I'm exceptionally blind without them, but just as a habit. If I don't then I tend to forget about them.

And goodness knows I should avoid that problem - I'm already on my fourth pair.

Funniest thing about glasses is when I misplace them. No, not in some far off location. Rather when I have my hair in a ponytail and I place them on my head and ten minutes later ask, "Where did I put my glasses?" Because when they go up there, I don't feel them.

MamaKBear said...

I'd much rather wear glasses than a hearing aid.

Wearing an aid just bites.