Wednesday, July 26, 2006

dizz knee land, pt. 1

just a quick dispatch from our room at the all star movies resort at walt disney world. (i know, i know- the title's incorrect, but the song wasn't called "dizz-knee-world", now was it?)

it took seven hours and a couple of wrong turns to get down here, but you know me- i love a good road trip.

of note:

we were passed in georgia by "tonya's twirling tornadoes". i wasn't fast enough with the camera, so i think all i captured was a blur.

upon our arrival in florida, i discovered that bodhi had somehow been left back in south carolina. this was not a good thing. then again, i'll be back down here in a couple of months, so i suppose i'll get over it. besides, this'll open up new creative options as far as bodhi's blog is concerned.

in the meantime (since it's getting late, and i have to get up early to be the first in line at the haunted mansion), this is the best i've got:

that's bodhi's brother, f-stop, in front of the welcome center.

i'll be back on tomorrow with more pictures, i'm sure.

1 comment:

Motherdear said...

Nothing says "Florida" better than palm trees and metal standing-seam roofs!!!

Glad you arrived safely, duff!