Friday, July 28, 2006

dizz knee land, pt. 2

we got back to the room too late last night to post a lengthy review of our day at epcot.....and we'll be leaving here in a few minutes to head over to mgm studios (and back to epcot for lunch- i'm really excited about that part), but i think i have time to post a few quick photos from yesterday.

first off, you can find me with my new friends here.

our package includes the disney dining plan. SO and i shared this plate with the gnomes for lunch. this chicken/lamb plate in morocco is quite possibly one of the best deals at disney....and quite tasty, too. (left to right: paddy, packer, and f-stop)

here i am in norway (part of the world showcase at epcot). i know, i know- you're quite envious of my long, lustrous locks.

check out this kickass picture of an egret-sized blue heron that SO took with his fancy-pants camera.

it's good to have a little extra luck on your side. this belly patting was intended to bring me luck when it came to finding my favorite shrimp-flavored chips in japan. (yes- it worked.)

after our dinner at the coral reef restaurant, we headed into the living seas, where they have a new interactive show featuring crush from finding nemo. this was really, really cool. (picture coming as soon as blogger feels cooperative.)

(more to come- time to head to mgm.)


chuckawucka said...

That wooden statue looks like it's trying to grab your butt. LOL.

Motherdear said...

You should be writing food reviews! You could title it "The South Carolinian who ate Epcot" or something.

Did anyone ever tell you that you very young? Especially in the pix with your 'new friends'. The first one, I thought you had taken pictures of a 10-year-old girl with Stitch until I zoomed it and realized it was you!

Hope that's not a bad thing, looking young. Enjoy it while you can! :-D

Oh - I'm jealous that you're there, and happy for you at the same time. And I hope you're having a terrific time!

chuckawucka said...

Here comes Duff with her age defying powers! Lol.

Maybe it's a perk that comes being an Avon Lady ...

Great pics btw. :P

Labbie said...

With that viking hat on, I shall name you "Helga".