Saturday, July 29, 2006

dizz knee land, pt. 3

it's late, so i'm going to let today's pictures do all the work for me. we spent most of the day in disney/mgm (the rockin roller coaster was excellent, by the way), and then wandered over to the magic kingdom after the light show at mgm, because the magic kingdom was open until 2am for resort guests, which simply rocks.

with my new boyfriend, on the way to the muppet show.

this was right after i said, "have you taken the freaking picture yet?"

the stunt show was very cool, judging from all the pictures SO took.


Martha said...

That looks fantastic. We might be going to Florida next year for a conference - probably a million miles from Disney World, but I think it would be worth the trip.

Motherdear said...


I love your new boyfriend. He's just the right height. No neck sprains when you're kissing...

What, no food today??

sibling said...

you mean gfriend cuz that's probably a chick underneath. (i'm evil...i know)