Saturday, April 29, 2006

zoom zoom zzzzzz

i miss the good old days when you could count on seven minutes of previews before a movie. it was comforting to know that if i was running a couple minutes late, i wouldn't miss anything important, and if i were actually on time (for once!), i could settle in, catch four or five previews, and then the film would start around the time i'd finally settled into my seat and put my feet up in the crack between the seats in front of me. (i know, i know- i have no class- tell me something i didn't already know.)

i really, really miss those days.

perhaps it's been a little too long since my last movie*, but when on earth did it become okay to show ten minutes of commercials before the seven minutes of previews before movies? seriously- had i known, i would have gone to the 4:20 screening of rv instead of the 5:00, and i would have wound up sliding into my seat just as the first preview finally ran......and i wouldn't have had to sit through commercials for coke, and who knows what else (because i sure as hell don't remember- effective advertising in action, folks) before the freaking previews....and you know what ticks me off the most? since i was watching a pg-rated robin williams film, i figured maybe there'd be a slight chance i'd get to see the preview for whatever his new movie involving cartoon penguins may be**, but nooooooooooo. after sitting through 10 minutes of commercials and 7 minutes of rather uninspiring previews (okay, maybe they weren't that bad- perhaps i'm just bitter), i was left feeling rather unsatisfied.

however, since i'm into both robin williams and toilet humor, the film was quite good.

final score: annoying commericals: two thumbs way down
previews: thumbs fell asleep
rv: two thumbs up

*come to think of it, i seem to recall noticing the current trend while waiting to see ice age 2 and failure to launch, too, though i thought at the time that it was simply something that particular theater was doing to finance its outrageous neon lighting bill.

**i'd tell you the name, but i've only seen the preview once and was so taken by the penguin that i forgot to find out minor details, like the actual name of the movie and the release date, hence the need to watch the preview again.

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Labbie said...

Robin Williams is the shit!