Friday, April 14, 2006


as i think i've mentioned before, i don't really have time to watch a lot of tv....or any, really, for that matter. i work roughly 70 hours a week between my two main jobs, and since i have to sleep sometime, tv tends to take a much lower priority.

this evening was my first time in front of a tube in at least a month....and what did i wind up watching? perhaps something as mundane of the evening news? nope- i was still at work when the credits rolled on world news tonight. that travel channel special on the wonders of the west that i've seen so many times i almost have the order of the "wonders" memorized? no such luck- they were doing a special on the bermuda triangle, and i couldn't grab the remote away from SO before he changed the channel.

no, dear reader, i watched an episode of "hogan knows best".

in the cave i've been living in lately, i hadn't heard a single word about this show. had i known it existed, perhaps i would have found a way to make time to actually watch it on a regular basis.

sadly, the last hulk hogan show i watched on a regular basis was "thunder in paradise". (no- i am not kidding.)

then again, this new show really isn't all that different from hulk's old series:

~both shows featured at least one blonde character (hulk's wife and daughter in this new show)
~a boat plays a prominent role (part of "family day" on the episode that ran this evening took place on a boat).
~hulk's pecs also play prominent roles (do i really need to give you an example? i think not. )
~missing persons/characters in distress (this evening, hulk's daughter wandered off for several hours, leaving the rest of the family highly distressed.)

hey- if this works out, perhaps fabio's return to television will follow....

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