Tuesday, April 11, 2006

save me, kiefer!

the latest issues of rolling stone and my college alumni magazine arrived in the mail today.
normally, i'd throw the alumni magazine in the bathroom (a little "light" reading for the tub, of course) and curl up immediately with rolling stone, but since i read the cover story on kiefer sutherland** a couple days ago online, i figured i'd flip through the alumni mag while waiting for my trusty laptop to boot up this evening.

this "extreme campus makeover" issue caught my eye for a couple reasons....namely some items in the "alumni news" section in the back, which- quite honestly- is the first section i flip to when a new issue arrives every blue moon. (i'm nosy- i'll admit it.)

for the first time in recent memory, not one, not two, but three people i know are not only married, but have had kids- all in one issue of the magazine. even more stunning is the fact that all three guys involved are among the biggest players i knew in college*.

what, i ask, is this world coming to? even the players are getting hitched and settling down and we're not even 30 yet? eeeeeeeek. i don't need those sorts of responsibilities looming on the horizon just yet, thankyouverymuch.

it's enough to make me throw down the alumni mag and seek some sort of reassurance from kiefer who, according to the article, is completely unattached and knocking on the door to 40.

now that's more my speed.

**for the record, kiefer's not my favorite member of the young guns II cast, but i must admit he had aged far better than some of the others. plus, "kiefer" is just plain fun to say.
*let me emphasize that i neither dated nor got naked anywhere near any of the three.


NJ said...

I was told then I had bleached blonde hair that I looked like keifer from the "Lost Boys" era. BTW, I'm not dead yet. ;-)

Callie said...

Kiefer's such a yummy guy. Looks better now than when he was in Lost Boys and Stand By Me.

I'd so like to have my way with him.