Wednesday, April 05, 2006

27 (with the social skills of a 12 year old)

so i've been wandering around myspace, searching for people from my past, and i found this guy i had a huge crush on in high school. i mean, i had dozens of crushes, but this guy was one of the five big ones. i've tried writing him a private message* no less than three times, but keep chickening out at the last minute.

so far, this is the best i've come up with:


(i've tried three different times to come up with a message that didn't sound completely dorky- after all, i like to think i've changed at least a little since high school- "hi" was the best i could come up with.)

anyway, i was a little surprised to see you on here, and thought i'd drop you a quick line to say "hello" in the hopes that maybe you'd vaguely remember me.

oh, and i have something i need to return to you.....sorry it's only taken me 11 years to do so.

riiiight. maybe a fourth attempt is in order.


Labbie said...

What is it that you have to return? His virginity?

duff said...

a binder of poems and song lyrics....he let me use stuff from of it back when i wrote a 'zine.

Labbie said...

His virginity was funnier, and leaves more for your Dad to read about.