Sunday, April 02, 2006

hear ye, hear ye


ladies and gentlemen, and the folks who actually read this (listen up, both of you);

tonight, i saw this,

and i'd like to officially add him
pilfered from google
to the "val kilmer clause".

since SO didn't seem to openly object when i notified him of this development while driving home from the movie theater this evening, i'm taking his silence as permission. now, all i have to do is convince him to swing by and pick me up in his airstream.

ok, now- with that over with, let me give you the haiku review of the movie:

a funny new film
but would be better if we
saw matthew naked


Jo said...

I TOTALLY agree...I have a soft spot for him as I think my hubby kind of looks like him:)

ladymwende said...


He has been my only clause since the movie "A Time to Kill" (of which I am a broad owner) and I am not ashamed to admit that I bought a magazine simply because it had an interview with him and some very nice of which is going up in my room. He is so hot he cause reversion to middle school locker days. And- it isn't just his physique.

But, the part he played in Dazed and Confused... now that was no turn on.

Thanks for getting the blood going first thing in the morning duff!

duff said...

you bought one magazine because of him? only one? i remember when i went one the school trip to europe in high school, i came back with about 5 different magazines with val kilmer on the cover (batman forever was released while i was over there).....*sigh*

while he did not get naked in this film, matthew's shirt was off a fair bit.......which ensures i'll be purchasing the dvd and playing select scenes in slow-mo.

(by the way, have you seen his issue of details? it came out recently- wish i'd kept my copy.)

Kal said...

He likes to play bongos in the alltogether. Au Naturale. Yow know, nekkid. Maybe you two could start up a band?