Thursday, April 13, 2006

another milestone

i just realized something- this is my 400th post.

i think i acknowledged my 100th, and i know i mentioned my favorite previous posts in celebration of 200....and then 300 passed by unnoticed, especially by me.

so, i feel badly not having anything special planned for this milestone, but it just sort of....crept up on ricky schroeder's birthday did today, as well.

i can't believe it.

ricky schroeder is 36 today. thirty-six. legal twice over. old enough to be my.....big brother. (whew! that was close there for a minute.)

i can't help but wonder if he still has a duck phone in his living room, like he did on silver spoons. remember that show? i loved that show, in part because i had a mad crush on ricky schroeder. and alfonso ribeiro. and jason bateman, come to think of it.

most of all, though- i thought that quacking phone was the coolest thing in the world. i wanted to have a quacking phone in my living room, but i couldn't even convince my cruel, heartless parents to buy one for the kitchen. (it's just as well, come to think of it. i mean, a duck couldn't help but be a bit uncomfortable in the same room as the oven and several knives, could it? somehow, i doubt it.)

twenty years later (how the heck did that happen?), i still don't have the quacking phone- or a hot date with ricky schroeder anywhere on the horizon*, but that doesn't mean i've given up on either one.

it's an interesting coincidence- silver spoons being the topic of (one-sided) conversation. if you clicked on the links above and poked around a little, one of the premises of the show was that ricky's character was supposed to teach his dad how to grow up, while his dad was trying to teach him how to be a kid.

personally, i'm siding with mr. stratton. if i thought for a second i could actually get away with running a model train all over the floor of my apartment, i'd do it in a heartbeat.

i'll freely admit it- i'm 27 going on 7, and looking about 17- and i'm totally okay with that.

*i figure his being "happily married" might be holding that up.


MamaKBear said...

I LOVED that show! I once even audiotaped an episode while watching it on TV. LOL

I had crushes on Ricky and Jason myself...they're both still pretty hot! :)

Labbie said...

Jason Bateman?