Thursday, April 20, 2006

dispatch from phoenix

hello from phoenix!

i should be doing something productive, like hopping in the shower or packing clothes for the big hike, but i'm just not that motivated yet. instead, i woke up obscenely early (by phoenix standards) after getting to bed ridiculously late (by columbia standards), finished reading a book (yes- a book! i actually had time to plow through all 400 pages of a carl hiaasen novel, strip tease, which was excellent, by the way), and have spent the last 20 minutes screwing around on the internet....woo-hoo!

so this is what having free time feels like, eh?

i'm leaving later this morning for seligman, possibly stopping at my favorite ghost town (jerome) on the way, and at this time tomorrow, i should be starting the hike into havasupai for three days of exercise (shhh...don't tell anyone how out of shape i am), cavorting in waterfalls, and possibly (hopefully) a side trip to the colorado river.*

you can have your fancy resorts/spas, cocktails and shopping- this is my idea of a relaxing vacation.

*of course, i'll bore you with pictures of all of the above as soon as i get back to south carolina


MamaKBear said...

Lucky you! I love Arizona!

Can't wait to see pics...take lots of the ghost town if you can, I love that kinda thing. :)

Have a wonderful trip!

Kristi said...

hope its a great time.
Get some colour while your there!!

Labbie said...

"Strip Tease" and "Screw"... I can't wait to see how many hits you're going to get from Google alone.

DrM2B said...

OMG>>>>girl! U were in town & I didnt now this?!?!? Jerome.....wouldve met you for a drink at the spirit room! ....Hope you enjoyed your time here.....SO sorry I missed you......