Thursday, April 06, 2006

hey, you! get outta my drawers!

sometimes, i find myself in the strangest conversations. (well, okay- most of my conversations are a little odd, but play along with me here, okay?)

over the past week, i know i have been part of no less than three conversations about underwear, and no, i'm not counting the conversations where one or both parties may or may not have been naked, because, as i told you before (didn't i?) i'm a good girl and don't do that kind of stuff.*

so, really- three conversations.....and no, none of them were from my biggest fan (who used to be really concerned about that sort of thing.)

there was the discussion about why it's unwise to throw bras in the dryer repeatedly** over the weekend, as well as the conversation with my four year old sidekick whose drawers were crawling up her butt while we were jumping on the trampoline the other day (one word, kiddo: thongs), and then this evening, as i delivered orders and passed out catalogs, one of my customers observed that avon's now peddling undies for $7 a pop.

as i recall, she said something to the effect of never buying underwear that expensive, because after all, her butt wasn't big enough for all the material $7 should buy.***

i agreed at the time, as i'm a big fan of the 5 pairs/$19 specials at frederick's.....but when i got home and started putting away laundry, it dawned on me.

i have spent more than $7 on a pair of underwear....and recently....but how else was i going to find something to match the $60 blue thing i found on the back wall the last time i was in freder.......

oh, hi dad. hadn't realized you'd come back. i was just talking about my blue...uh...flannel pajamas.

*think that sounded convincing enough? i'm trying to keep my bases covered in case my dad decides to check in again at some point.
**can you say "goodbye elastic"?
***paraphrasing, but not exaggerating, i swear


Labbie said...

I find myself chatting about underwear all the time... It's no different than talking about socks. Okay, so socks don't cover up your naughty bits....

bricotrout said...

i just checked your photo blog and i must say im rather dissapointed that there isnt a pic of your blue 'flannel pajamas'