Saturday, April 08, 2006

you searched for what????

it's been far too long since i last did one of these posts, and i have to resurrect the series in labbie's honor, because of this search:

Germany, 0 returning visits
1st April 2006 10:35:00 AM 2006_01_01_duffsrandommusings_archive.html

(for the record, i think they were trying for "laffy taffy"...unless they're a really anti-dog person.)

and here's one for my canadian readers, especially doug:

pei cougar bars

i'm the fifth result on this one- that practically makes me an authority on the subject, according to google.

rate my mini skirt

i'm number one for this......though the rest of the top ten, quite frankly, scares me more than a little. i'm thinking it might be unwise to check out some of those links at work.

pork skins AND hiccups

1. who thinks of these sorts of combinations? i mean, when i see a bag of pork skins at kroger, i don't automatically start hiccuping....and when i hiccup, i don't think about pork skins being the ideal cure. (wait- there might be something to that.....)
2. how did i become the fifth result (out of 804) for this search?

After Murdock took over myspace

i'm not quite sure what this querier from canada was actually going after with this one, but i can only assume it has to do with one of those unsigned bands that keeps asking about being my friend.

pink floyd the wall "wet shorts"

undoubtedly, this is a connection each of us makes......listening to "the wall" and wetting your pants just seems....natural, doesn't it? of course it does.


chuckawucka said...

P.E.I. Cougar bars? Wow, never heard of those...

Unless they're talking about bars in Prince Edward Island frequented by elderly females looking for younger guys...woo!

mr_g said...

I was really hoping for more detail about mini skirts and ratings....