Tuesday, April 25, 2006

weekend wrap-up

i'm absolutely pooped, and i still have to pack for the flight home, but wanted to share a few highlights from the trip....mostly because i'm too lazy to scribble them into my journal tonight because, well, i'm pooped and still have to pack (i know, i know- what a vicious cycle!)

1. one appreciates a gorgeous waterfall more after having to cling to a rock wall and a chain for 20 minutes in order to descend to the base of the falls...unless of course you lose grip on that chain.

2. wearing shorts on the day you'll be hiking through lots of brush=not a good idea.

3. i have no idea why, but for some reason, park rangers feel the need to strike up conversations with me.....generally when someone else is waiting for me to just hurry up and stamp my park passport already.

4. italians want to strike up conversations with me too.....well, actually, they were soliciting hiking advice from my friend, but hey- a free dinner is a free dinner.

5. when faced with the prospect of hiking 8 more miles with a fully loaded backpack on a 90 degree day, $85 seems like a more than reasonable price to hop a ride on a helicopter and save four hours of hiking..and possible heat stroke.

6. sure, i could have spent my vacation at a spa or some other luxurious situation, but i wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as i did clomping around in the canyon this weekend.

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