Monday, April 17, 2006

cheap thrills

know what i love about easter?

i bought a bag of caramel kisses and six cadbury cream eggs for a whopping three dollars at kroger today...and i'm thinking about going back tomorrow and getting more.

you know that whole plan i had to work out like a fiend so i can wear a bikini while frolicking in the waterfalls at havasupai later this week and not scare small children and european tourists? it's now competely and totally toast. (sure, there was the whole "sleep vs. work out" issue that started late last month, but the half-price chocolate finished it off for good.)

1 comment:

Labbie said...

Crap. This means we don't get pictures of you in a bikini, doesn't it?


Oh, well... C'est la vie, or something as such.