Saturday, April 01, 2006

hello......what's this?

as you know, i work on multiple radio stations each weekend. in addition to my live shifts on wnok (10-3 est today and tomorrow, gang), i also babysit a couple of countdowns on a couple of our sister stations.

imagine my surprise this morning when i skimmed the cue sheet for the jeff foxworthy countdown and saw a name that made my heart go pitter patter. (seriously- it both pittered and pattered!)

it seems john corbett (one of my favorite fictional djs, right behind johnny fever and that episode of the a-team where murdock took over a radio station in the middle of nowhere and played nothing but the lennon sisters) is no longer content to act and just generally be easy on the eyes.....he's now a singer...a serious artist.

sadly, it's country music.

i haven't heard the song yet (15 minutes to go), but i'm hoping maybe i can just sort of close my eyes and pretend it's really just southern rock.

(psst- scroll down for sentence saturday)

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freewriter said...

hey, i finally heard some of your show!