Saturday, April 29, 2006

the return of sentence saturday

it's going to be a long day- lots of side projects to take care of in an attempt to get caught up with myself. i've got catalogs to scribble on, pictures to sort and post, and i'm way behind as far as the station's myspace page is concerned. (don't even ask about mine- we're not gonna go there right now.)

however, there's always time for the latest edition of sentence saturday, especially since i was away from civilization last weekend.

this week's first word is poohaggling. scroll through the comments to find yours- and please don't forget to leave a new made-up word for the next person who stops by.


mr_g said...

After engaging in what scientists call poohaggling, each dung beetle left with his own special prize.


Stef said...

Grandma thought Dan had become rather skilaptidy in his appearance, and suggested he removed his dirty work clothes and take a shower. Now.


mr_g said...

Vera enjoyed being Drizengaffled by the football team, though the shower afterwards took a bit of time.


duff said...

though i was somewhat flattered by the attention, the way he licked my cheek for no apparant reason made me feel just plain sklirmy.


mr_g said...

If that opinous little turd doesn't shut his mouth and keep it to himself I'm going to drizzengaffle him!


duff said...

while i was pleased to find out someone in the room was even more blunt than i, i was also taken aback by his obvious intoleratude.


Labbie said...

Juse one dose of thymitran did the trick... Too bad for the patient the dose had to be administered directly into his prostate.


duff said...

while initially far from thrilled that her little *ahem* video with tommy lee had found its way to the internet, phyllis was pleased to see that, through the miracle of gelcinification, suddenly she had smooth thighs.