Sunday, April 16, 2006

this or and that

you know what i miss? i miss those "choose your own adventure" books from my childhood. we'd go to the library once a week, and i'd come home with at least three of them in my stack of checked-out materials.

i enjoyed reading the pages out of order, and i really enjoyed flipping around and reading both choices before choosing which one to go with next.

maybe i should submit that to postsecret-

i totally cheated when reading "choose your own adventure books".

nah- somehow, i don't think it'll stand up with the closet lesbians, mistresses, victims, and remorseful abusers.


mama said...

If you want to skip around, you should try Julio Cortazar's "Hopscotch".

Have a great time in the Canyon--and we'll hope that all of the mountain lions stay in Colorado.

jamwall said...

i would usually alter the "choose your own adventure" books so, no matter what choice i make, i always end up getting laid or kickin' some dude's ass.

Sins of the Flesh said...

You're a hottie! Nice blog!

Labbie said...

Besides, you've told us all this "secret" now... So it's not really a secret anymore.

And did you read that postsecret about the serial killer? Creepy.