Sunday, January 01, 2006

a new "to do" list

i'm working on a couple of backdated posts (don't worry- they're recent enough to show up on this page when i finish them), but blogger does not feel inclined to allow me to upload the last few photos.

argh. guess that means i should work on something else for a little while:

a resolution (or ten)

1. be less late.
i've gotten into a very bad habit of running late- always squeezing in "one last thing" when i find i actually have a spare moment or two. last night, i was actually early to babysitting. i'm hoping to continue this trend in 2006.
2. be less late to bed, too.
if i'm not done whatever i'm doing by midnight, i'll put off the remainder until the next day. i'm pretty sure the world will continue to spin on its axis if i don't get all my catalogs labeled in one day.
3. break in my new bouncy adidas on the treadmill.
i have no desire to be mary-kate thin (or lindsay or nicole, for that matter)...but i could stand to lose a couple of pounds off each thigh. besides, i need to be in better shape in case we make it to the grand canyon again in 2006.
4. travel three places i've never been before.
it's worked the last two years, so i'm using it again as an excuse to get out a little more. after all, the world's a pretty big place......
5. read more.
i finished three books while on vacation...and bought about ten more. (bookstores and best buy are my two downfalls, though i'm currently a little mad at the latter for putting my computer on sale....for $150 less than i paid...but bookstores...much love for them.) i miss having time to read.
6. drink more water
surely all that running to the bathroom to pee will make up for the days i don't make it to the treadmill.
7. stash more money in the bank
i suppose i should start thinking about getting a house, and i'm going to need some sort of down i might as well build up my savings accounts now so i can afford something that can't be transported on a couple of eighteen-wheelers.
8. get bodhi to at least half of his remaining states.
i suppose this sort of goes along with #4, though bodhi's airfare is a heck of a lot cheaper than mine.
9. learn a new skill.
it pays to be versatile...besides, i've always wanted to learn the finer points of underwater basketweaving.
10. start pulling together ideas for my award-winning autobiography.
i mean, it's not just going to write itself...though i'd almost pay to see that happen.


bricotrout said...

well all thats a heck of a lot more ambitious than my 'stop chewing ice' resolution. though i started mine a week early and havent faltered yet. good luck with all yours. oh yeah, i need to cut back on the number d.j.'s i stalk. theres just one that i know i wont be able to let go of too easily.

DrM2B said...

Great listing DUffers :) I still chuckle as I read the posting relating to your ghost of boyfriends past at the gas station.

"contemplate making t-shirt that says...I like penises".....classic!

Happy New Year.....M

NJ said...

Great list! And thanks for nominating me for the best photo post award, now you just have to go vote for me. I'll post more pics if you do, in a hard hat even.;-)

NJ said...

Ok, I just figured out that one of the people I'm up against in that contest is your sister, well I bet that she won't post pics of herself in a hardhat shirtless if she wins. Though if she did I'd vote for her too, ok, well nevermind, I'm voting for you sister.

Joefish said...

My hodag keeps calling me a liar because Bodhi hasn't come to visit yet.

freewriter said...

could you tell your faithful readers when we can hear you on WNOK?

Stef said...

I don't make resolutions because I never keep them, so I don't even try anymore. Your list was good though... some of those things I'd put on a list... if I made New Years resolutions, that is!

DrM2B said...

another one to add to your list?! Play the POLL at M's site .....

duff said...

bricotrout: and how many are you stalking? can i continue to pretend i'm the only one?

m: once i finish it, i'll be sure to take a picture, for your amusement.

nj: i'm planning on voting for both of you.

joefish: bodhi just got back to missouri yesterday, and i think his trip to belize is later this month. after that, he'll head up to see you and the hodag.

freewriter: of course. i'll have to set up a link under my picture or something...i'm generally on between 10am and 3pm, est, on saturdays and sundays.

stef: i've yet to start adhering to a couple of them...but i'm okay with that.

m, again: wait a sec....that's a hint, isn't it? ;~)