Wednesday, January 18, 2006

reason #162

why i am a raging dork, and therefore not "way 2 hot"
by: duff

i am not hot because i am a raging dork. in the wee hours of the morning, i posted my hnt picture, and then wandered over to osbasso's, where i spent no less than half an hour hitting refresh every two minutes and wondering why he had not posted his hnt photo yet. finally, around 12:45, i gave up and went to bed.

i stopped by his site this morning...still no hnt picture. i feared the worst- maybe osbasso had fallen ill. maybe his camera batteries died. perhaps he'd fallen and couldn't get up- or reach his camera. i resolved to check on him later, and wandered off to shower and get ready for work.

i checked my email throughout the day, noting (with, a little pleasure- i'll admit it) that my inbox hadn't filled up with generic comments about my feet.*

"perhaps my telepathy worked", i thought.

it finally dawned on me about an hour ago, as i was putting together the avon order- something i do every wednesday night.

were i feeling slightly more photogenic this evening, the new, improved hnt would be a picture of me with a big, fat "L" on my forehead.

and that, surely, is why my car was noteless again this morning.

*let me clarify: i appreciate that you've stopped by, and that you'd like to wish me a happy hnt, but really, i'm okay with you just hanging out in the shadows rather than feeling the pressure to say something that's already been said 500 (okay, 50- i don't have enough traffic for 500) times that morning.


Joefish said...

Happy HNT!

Joefish said...

Happy HNT!

Joefish said...

Happy HNT!

Joefish said...

Oh, wait... you were trying to discourage that, weren't you?

Osbasso said...

I usually don't agree with things like this, but yes, you're a raging dork! But sort of a cute raging dork. :-)

Loved the black olive fingers too! Not being an olive eater, I never understood why people would do that, but there must be a book about it, because everyone I know who likes black olives does that too!

Kristi said...

oh Duff.
Its okay.
I'm never sure what day it is. Just glad I'm up to enjoy them!
Check out my alphabet.
Have you seen it yet?

All for you Baby!!!

hugs to you Dorky duff. i'm sure you're note will be arriving soon! If I was there i'd fersure put one on your car every night....

ltlme said...

def. a dork!