Sunday, January 22, 2006

a little of this...a little of that

so there i was this morning, just about to awkwardly ask mark mcgrath if he'd like to, you know, maybe hang out sometime (yes, that's pretty much how i was phrasing it in my head), and suddenly the psychadelic furs began to play, and it was time to get up roll over and hit snooze.

sadly, i was unable to reconjure up the image of mark mcgrath sitting next to me at what i think may have been my upcoming high school reunion (though that doesn't quite explain why herb tarlek, snappily dressed in some sort of plaid polyester getup, kept trying to make out with me on a rock ledge), so i guess we'll never know if

a. i'd actually manage to get up the nerve to talk to him and
b. i'd be able to do it without sounding like a complete dork (unlikely) and
c. he'd actually agree to, you know, maybe hang out sometime.

but just in case, i need to study all the musical trivial pursuit questions from both the genus and 80s editions, just because i remember his uncanny ability to answer every freaking question on rock n'roll jeopardy when i was in college (yes, that's what did it for me- though the adam ant cover was also a factor)....but i digress.

for some reason, i'm in a "random bits of pop culture" sort of mood today (yeah- try to find that on your $5 mood ring, why don't you?), so forgive me if i'm a little long-winded and boring (well, i mean more than usual).

before i move on, i found this through a friend of a friend's blog yesterday.

i almost hate to admit this, but:

1. he doesn't look half bad in slightly-disheveled formalwear
2. he has a pretty decent voice
3. i've watched this video 20 times in the past 24 hours

okay, moving on.....

as i mentioned, that rite of passage is quickly approaching- well, maybe.*

i've spent the past (almost) ten years sort of sketching out in the back of my mind how our ten year reunion will work out:

who: park hill high school's class of 1996

what: ten year reunion

where: i haven't quite sorted out this part yet, though i'm thinking it'll be in the school gym...

when: early evening, like in the movie

who'll be there: a few key former classmates (the "in" crowd, the guy i sort of sometimes dated in high school (i believe i offered to take him with me, though, knowing him, he'll decline), every boy i ever had a crush on who wouldn't give me the time of day (hell, that's a good ten percent of the school right there),and people i actually hung out with), mark mcgrath (as of this morning), andy clark, john bender, and about half of this cast.

my date will be: actually, i'm undecided on that one. sometimes, it's a random celebrity boyfriend, sometimes, it's a more "romy and michele" setup with my best friend, and sometimes i just make an entrance by myself and the whole room stops in awe of my...awesomeness.

(note: that last option is highly unlikely, especially since i've never been the type to intentionally "make an entrance". i'm far more likely to hide out somewhere and try to blend in as best as possible....sort of like my first day at park hill, when i knew absolutely no one and was all set to just spend lunch hiding out in the cafeteria bathroom**)

i'll be rich and famous by the time my ten year reunion comes around, and did i mention i'd also be such an incredible hottie that every attractive, unmarried male at this gathering (and perhaps a few of the married ones, as well) will attempt to flirt shamelessly with me? of course, i'll be too engaged in conversation with my witty, handsome, charming date to pay any attention to their desperate pleas for my attention.


in order for that to happen, i have probably about six months to suddenly become rich, famous, and drop-dead gorgeous....and figure out how to get val kilmer to fall madly in love with me.

time to come up with a plan b. i'm thinking it'd be almost as glamorous to have to miss the reunion because i'm out of the country on an african safari or music video shoot or, hell, even an international book tour would do.....

while i work on that (or, more likely, a somewhat more realistic "plan c"), let's move on to something else.....

like this.

...and of course i'm wearing the shirt in honor of his birthday today....which is probably not behavior that would attract every man in the room at my upcoming reunion, but i'm pretty sure at least mark mcgrath would understand.

*i say "maybe" because i haven't actually heard that it's officially happening. perhaps we'll just skip it this year and hold out for a fifteenth reunion instead.

**whoops- meant to save that one for postsecret. damn.


Martha said...

Well, mine is in October. I have a few months to get a tan and a hot date (my husband will understand). Thankfully New Zealand has Lord of the Rings and Kong now, so occasionally you can pick up Orlando Bloom, Jack Black (hmm), Adrian Brophy (possible) etc...

Romeo Jensen said...

okay so like sugar ray is like even more yesterday than a Hilary You song... though I'll admit you do have a certain (as the French say) jena sa qua tha Miss Duff is surely lacking... but then again... they're French.
now the Herb Tarlek refey was the bomb (hey I'm speaking your lingo since you're so much older than me) anytime you can use a WKRP character is a blog post it's a good thing... ummm... it's phat.

okay the rest of the post... I give a 63... it had a nice beat but was hard to dance to

so did I error... are you not southern... mearly tansplanted?

okay I gotta go finish watching my steelers finish of the broncos

romey <~~ cradle robbing material

Romeo Jensen said...

please note that I am NOT responsible for any typos and mis-spellings as I am blonde and the victim of the Pittsburgh pubic skool system


duff said...

martha: ah, if only a tan and a hot date were all i needed. then again, i am ahead of the folks who are still working in gas stations and using empty beer kegs as furniture.

romeo: dear, dear, sweet, young, good-looking (sorry- got a little carried away there for a second) romeo....

1. sugar ray may be before your time, but mark mcgrath will still have my undivided attention in 20 years.

2. "je ne sais quois"
(i took french in high school)
merci, monsieur.

3. yes, i'm a transplant. the novelty of living in one of the last states to give up minibottles, blue laws, and a ban on getting tattoos within state borders was just too hard to resist. plus, i live two hours from the mountains and two hours from the beach, so in the rare event i have free time, i can find something outdoorsy to do to amuse myself.

4. as far as robbing the cradle's concerned.....i'll need a resume, three references, and some seaweed salad to go with my sushi.

Joefish said...

Will Martin Blank be there too?

They all have husbands and wives and children and houses and dogs, and, you know, they've all made themselves a part of something and they can talk about what they do. What am I gonna say? "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?"