Saturday, January 21, 2006

lions camels and tigers and bears elephants...oh my!

i'll admit it- i missed out on many of those childhood rituals: first playstation (well, actually, we had colecovision and intellivision, so i can't really complain too much), first trip to neverland (okay, fine, but can disneyworld really hold a candle to watching movies in michael jackson's private theater? i think not.), first trip to the circus....

yeah- you read that right. i never went to the circus as a kid...and davy jones is totally to blame for it, too.*

however, this isn't the time or the place to discuss why my sibling's favorite monkee is responsible for depriving me of the joy of going to my first circus, nor is it the time or place to ponder why my sibling always got away with so much more than i could even attempt...i mean, really, did she ever get grounded? ever? if i had any money, it'd all be on "no".

but i digress.

my 27-year streak was ruined the other night (cirque du soleil a couple of years ago doesn't count, mostly because the performance lacked both animals and naked peta protestors), thanks to my ever-helpful SO, who called me at work and asked if i wanted four passes to the circus....which i gave to my bosses, except one of them didn't feel up to going, and the other wasn't too thrilled by the prospect of dealing with two very excited children by herself.

so, somehow, i found myself at the circus.

superman should be popping out of there at any moment.

at least three of the animals shown in this picture relieved themselves during their acts. i didn't think i'd ever see this much sawdust outside of a lumberyard.

around the time of this photo, there were some dancing girls hanging out at each end of the arena while the action was in the rings. one of the guys was impressed enough with these girls that he kept zooming in on their derrieres with his digital videocamera. he also zoomed in on the girls at the other end of the arena, but given the speed at which he zoomed back out again, i'm assuming he wasn't impressed.

one of the benefits of sitting in the nosebleed section: circus equipment provides "instant framing".

"i will not slide off this elephant. i will not slide off this elephant. i will not...wait a minute- i think i'm!"

bello the clown on the left, and some hottish (i was in the nosebleed section, people!) acrobat-type performer with a death wish on the right.

the grand finale. the performers at the lower right were "sky surfers"...i guess it's no longer cool to call yourself a "trapeze artist".

a couple other interesting things i learned at the circus:

~be sure to sell the kidney before you come to the show, because cotton candy will cost you almost as much as an internal organ.(no, i didn't get any.) as for the boiled peanuts...well, do you still have your spleen?

~taking a camera with an actual zoom-type feature would be a wise idea next time.

~it's time to take reality tv (which i don't watch anyway) up a notch....not only should the "stars" of american idol have to mangle popular songs, but the should do it while "sky surfing"....and between seasons, let's rerun old "circus of the stars" specials from the days of yesteryear...espcially the one that featured no less than three members of the cast of "saved by the bell". i need a reminder of what mark-paul gosselaar looked like in his younger years.

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

ah, yes- that's good.

and speaking of good things, it would probably be good if i started prepping for my show. (you can catch me on the air between 10 am and 3pm today and tomorrow on wnok.)

*unless, of course, i'm getting my childhood groundings mixed up, because, well, after several years, they all sort of run together.


Anonymous said...

Is this sentence Saturday.

Well I am going to start it with a blog posters name.


So my love making was in question, but I remembered a conversation I had at summer camp, and I pulled out the chuckawucka move and she was forever puddy in my hands.


bricotrout said...

which saved by the bell character are you? my god! some peole have too much time on their hands!

Anonymous said...

Dude when I grow my hair out I look like Screetch I do not have to take the test, independent strangers have come up to me and asked what I was doing after saved by the bell. Now Screetch has to goperate large machinary and fly a plane. Yahoo!

duff said...

uh, lance- scroll down another post for sentence saturday.

brico: hey- i only google these things, i don't create them. (...and i swear i only took the quiz once.)

Anonymous said...

opps thanks sorry

Anonymous said...

I always start at the top!

ltlme said...

me never get grounded? Um, I got grounded quite a few times, sent to my room quite a bit, and got a shit ton of spankings, more than you did. Nope, I didn't get away with much. I never dared to sneak out of the house and I believe you did. I know I would have gotten busted if I even tried.

Larry said...

I bet you'll never guess what "bell" character I am.

Okay, so maybe you would.

Bobby said...

I'm Kelly.


duff said...

sibling: you got out of your groundings early, if not completely, 98% of the time and you had a later curfew, which would have cut down on quite a few of my groundings had i been able to weasel such an arrangement.

as for sneaking out...i did it a grand total of once- once, and i'm sure that was a minimum 2-week sentence.

larry: is that you, mister belding?

bobby: your long, lustrous hair was a dead giveaway...or maybe not.

Stef said...

Saved By the Bell was a little past my time. Now if you asked what character from WKRP in Cincinnati I was, then maybe I might post the results.

duff said...

stef, if i could find a quiz for that, it would've already been up. (let me know if you run across one, okay?)

mr_g said...

Went to the circus almost every year as a kid. Then one year I saw a high-wire tumbler fall from the wire - no net - and land on a, get this, peanut vendor! This was at Los Angeles' "Fabulous Forum" (actually it's in INglewood, but you get the idea). The "artist" survived with a ruptured spleen. I don't know the fate of the peanut vendor, but I never went to the circus again!

ltlme said...

actually, I had a 10pm curfew through high school and most of the summer after high school. My ability to do things was based on what grade you did stuff verses age which was a crock o caca.

LBseahag said...

That's it. I am calling Kim Basinger and telling her about your circus experience.

i al so hear at the circus, they make their cotton candy out of harp seal juice.


Lisa Turtle.

Romeo Jensen said...

the circus just isnt the circus without naked peta protesters... anyway... you came and visited one of my blog sites (Manwhoring) and I'm just now getting around to respond. Check'ed ur stuff... it's tight... and ur hawt... duh... so I hope you'll come back to my site or my main one...

and uh... what are you on... like television or the radio??

anyway have a super fantastic day miss hawtie

Romeo Jensen said...

okay i just checked your link and OMGaaawd your a radio DJ with a southern accent???
I think Im in Love!

duff said...

i've somehow acquired a southern accent? crap- time to move.

i'm kidding- moving's too much of a pain in the ass....but i'll have to be a little more conscious of the accent- hadn't realized i'd developed one......though i still refuse to understand the appeal of grits and/or the need for debutantes.....