Sunday, January 08, 2006

you searched for what??? (list-happy edition)

please note: this edition of "you searched for what???" is numbered for your enjoyment. (what can i say? i'm on a kick.....)

japanese classroom warm up numa numa

1. i am so relieved i'm not the top result for this....eclectic search.
2. i am trying to figure out how my blog landed in the top ten, considering the entry in question didn't even hint at "japanese classrooms".

random facts about shakopee minnesota

1. there's one more letter in "minnesota" than in "shakopee".
2. i have no idea how to pronounce "shakopee". (shack o' pee? shake o, pee? i couldn't tell you...)
3. kristi saw the new kids on the block in concert there.....last week. (kidding!)
4. somehow, i'm the #1 source for this sort of information. (sorry, folks)

sister watches brother naked

1. who are you?
2. what on earth was behind this search. no, wait- i don't want to know.
3. how did i wind up the go-to girl for this sort of thing? *cringes*

duff naked

1. isn't it a little cold for all this nudity?
2. for once, i am so glad hilary duff comes up before my blog.
3. joel madden would like to have a word with you.

"it's all coming back to me now" celine dion extended lyrics

1. oh, dear.
2. how on earth did a search for celine lead to me?

priceless grandma stripper

1. i am not a grandma.
2. none of my grandmas were ever naked- ever. not even in the shower.
3. somehow, i came up as the second result for this one......eeek.

Melanie Chisholm ticklish

1. first amanda peet, then hilary duff, and now sporty spice?
2. oh.
3. my.
4. .....and how on earth did i become the top result for this one?

duff croissant

1. i'm not quite sure, either.
2. i'm getting kind of hungry......

sexiest kc mo radio dj

1. i'd like to thank the academy for this award. i'd also like to thank...
2...wait a minute. i was never on the air in kansas city, so
3. it can't be me.
4. damn.

val kilmer ticklish feet
(actually, it was in all caps, so the searcher must have been really serious about this topic.)

1. i'm afraid i have no idea whether val's feet are ticklish or not.
2. i'll happily volunteer to find out for you, my curious readers.

speaking of curiousity, i can't wait to see what some of you folks come up with next.....


Kristi said...

what the........

duff said...

psst- kristi- there's a typo in the link to your blog.

Footprint said...

go to google

type in "french military victories"

press the "I'm Feelin' Lucky" button and see what comes up.

kind of funny.

Nerdine said...

I don't want to know what went through the person's mind when typing "priceless grandma stripper" or what HE wanted to find... eeewww
But how did you end up SECOND on this search? I only get boring hits to my page...