Thursday, January 26, 2006

this just in...(pt. two)

i have a "real" post to write, but need to get this unrelated item off my chest first.

i have heard many mumblings wondering about the disappearance of my sibling's blog. while i initially thought it was merely for petty reasons, it turns out that something pretty scary happened as a result of something innocent (or so i thought) that i posted.

it seems that when i wrote the last post involving my sibling, i'd overlooked the ability of some folks out there with way too much free time on their hands to pinpoint a person's exact location based upon their i.p. address.

so, sorry, kiddo- i hadn't thought about the possibility of someone stalking you through your i.p. address.

i have been informed that her blog is toast...gone...a done deal, which is a bit of a shame. (i hope this doesn't mean freud's breaking up with me. i mean, i was picking out china and everything.) however, knowing my sibling, she'll be back in some form, whether she's commenting on friends' blogs or helping freud solve life's little problems....and when she does return, i hope everyone treats her with the respect she deserves.

oh, and blogstalker who scared my little sister: back the fuck off, dude. she's got enough going on without having to worry about you jumping out from behind her bushes and whatnot.


oh, and let me just say that this person needs to back away from the computer and find naked people his own age to look at: (Pppox Pool - Bras3.skt2ca 082304-0107)
California, Modesto, United States, 0 returning visits

26th January 2006
09:28:00 PM of 11 year olds in shower&first=11&FORM=PORE

dude- please. just back away from the computer and go to your local strip joint, if you must. at least those girls won't land your butt in jail.

(less bitchy post to follow- i promise.)


Kal said...

Too bad. Well, I hope she's safe. Icky.

Joefish said...

Damn. That's a shame.

Normally I like to jokingly take credit for crazy search engine hits. I'm not going to do that this time.

Labbie said...

Well, that blows.

Some Random Girl said...

Tell Littleme that we miss her!