Wednesday, January 11, 2006

rewriting the alphabet

[A is for age:]
17 27

[B is for booze of choice]
hmmm. well, i can tell you tequila definitely is not on that list.

[C is for career]
since i'm too short for a career as an international supermodel, let's stick with wanting to be a dj and an author when i grow up.

[D is for your dog's name:]
i'm not a dog person, but my cat is named hutchence

[E is for essential items you use everyday:]
deodorant. toothpaste. digital camera. bed.

[F is for favorite song at the moment:]
favorite song ever- "take on me"- a-ha
favorite current song- "feel good inc"- gorillaz

[G is for favorite games:]
monopoly, scrabble, trivial pursuit, yahtzee

[H is for hometown:]
born: ft. collins, colorado
raised: baltimore, maryland

[I is for instruments you play:]

[J is for jam or jelly you like]

[K is for kids?:]
i like the kind you can borrow for a while, then give back

[L is for last kiss?:]
what? the last one already? who's been munching on my caramel-filled hershey's kisses? 'fess up, you dirty rascal.

[M is for most admired trait:]
in myself, or others? intelligence, sense of humor

[N is for name of your crush:]
val kilmer (duh)

and who says i've only got one crush, huh?

[O is for overnight hospital stays:]
none. *knocks wood*

[P is for phobias:]
heights, dark closets, large, poisonous spiders, large, poisonous snakes, large poisonous spiders and snakes hiding in a dark closet in the penthouse suite

[Q is for quotes you like:]
"it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."- antoine de saint-exupery in the little prince

[R is for biggest regret:]
i have a few things i'd love to go back and change, but no regrets.

[S is for sweets of your choice:]
caramel filled kisses

[T is for time you wake up:]
three or four snoozes ago

[U is for underwear:]

[V is for vegetable you love:].

[W is for worst habit:]
trying to do too much

[X is for x-rays you've had:]
only teeth

[Y is for yummy food you make:]
chicken and mushroom quesadillas, shrimp and black bean quesadillas, artichoke-stuffed mushrooms, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and various nasty ol' experiments that actually turn out pretty well.

[Z is for zodiac sign:]
easy to guess, if you've seen my tattoo

let's see....i'd love to pick kal's brain, and roomie's, and nj's, and kristi's, and madge's, and, well, anyone else who wants to give it a shot.

ps- since it's almost thursday, here's this week's contribution:

(you can check out osbasso's tootsies here.)


jamwall said...


now do the alphabet backwards, starting from the letter "T".

how spread your arms out, touch your nose and walk a straight line...

now...look at my avatar, follow the cowbell stick as it strikes the cowbell.

keep watching

keep watching

okay, keep watching..

i'm gonna go to bed and get up in the morning, i want you to keep watching the cowbell...

Beth Danae said...

i like that questionnaire, different than most others I have seen

ltlme said...

with toe ring i see

kaliblue said...

Cool pic & post :-) HHNT

lecram sinun said...

Very Cool! Cheers and Happy HNT!

* ! Libraaaa ! * said...

tickle..tickle =) HHNT

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Cute! I wish I had a laptop... did you remember to do the things on those post-its on the wall? ;o) Cheers

Just Some Gal said...

Cute feet! hehe Happy HNT!

Kalani said...

Will you come cook for me please?

And such cute feet... must be the theme this week :)

MamaKBear said...

Nice tootsies!

Happy HNT! :)

littlefeet said...

great feet! :)


Danny said...


Oh, and I hate those carmel kisses.

addict said...


Kristi said...

oh meyann!! i only just learned the whole alphabet.

hmmm. This might take some creative thought. Damn!
WE'll see how far I can get......

Evil. Evil Duff

Mz. Naughty said...

Awwww her toesies are waving.. cute... nice picture


just thinking said...

there is such a thing as 'flutophone' ?

duff said...

jamwall: for some strange reason, your avatar isn't moving...guess that means i'm off the hook, huh?

the fantabulous b: but do you like it well enough to make it your own?

sibling: is there any other way?

rose-colored beer goggles: actually, they were cheesy notes to SO.

kalani: i'd be happy to cook for you anytime.

know any good mexican restaurants, just in case it's the one time something goes horribly wrong?

kristi: are you done yet? huh? huh?

everyone else: thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

DrM2B said...

Your tootsies look cold to me for some reason??! HHNT...M

David said...

Now thats more like it.

Happy HNT!