Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a few random tidbits

several mildly amusing post topics have flitted through my mind over the past couple of days, but of course i didn't write any of them down.

so, i guess you'll have to expect something brilliantly hilarious (or, more likely, mildly amusing) from me another evening.

the best i can offer tonight are these random thoughts:

1. it's exciting to see a bunch of cards in the mailbox during the holidays. after the holidays? not so much- so far, i'm lacking the current addresses for three people....guess i'll figure those out, scribble hearts on the envelopes, and resend them as valentines.

2. while i'm not really hungry, i am curious as to what "shrimp & lime" ramen noodles taste like.....though maybe munching on the black pepperjack doritos, which i know i like, would be safer.

3. that reminds me- does anyone else remember jumpin' jack cheese flavored doritos? they were my favorite, but i have yet to meet anyone who doesn't give me a really funny look when i mention them. then again, just about everyone looks at me funny anyway.

4. will sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs be anywhere near as good as fargo rock city? (i just finished the latter last night- i highly recommend it, especially to mossy and kal.)

5. did you see that brainteaser over at rabbit's place last week? i'm constructing one, myself. would anyone be interested in playing, or should i find a more meaningful way to waste my time?

6. why, oh why, is "suddenly last summer" stuck in my head? i haven't heard that song in ages, so i fail to understand why it's in my mental jukebox right now.

7. my foot's asleep. perhaps the rest of me should follow suit.


.: raven :. said...

i hate ramen noodles. bleck!!

i would love to play the brain teaser but i'm not that smart.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I would very much enjoy the brain teaser. I got 27 of Rabbit's. Just didn't email to tell her. Stuck on the gentlemen of verona.

Beth Danae said...

I totally remember Jumpin Jack doritos, they were good.

mama said...

Either good internet research or...MAMA! Between us, we make a helluva team.