Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the best laid plans....

tomorrow, i will.....

1. pry my butt out of bed early (and by "early" i mean after only one or two snoozes.....not 12), throw on workout clothes, dig out my new def leppard cd, and spend some quality time with the treadmill.

2. get to work on time....maybe even early....okay- how about earlier than usual?

3. put one last check into the bank, so i can turn around and write a big ol' check to my credit card company.

4. remember to bring home raspberries and blueberries from the grocery store, because they may be overpriced, but i really like them and sometimes it's okay to splurge a little.

5. figure out my 401k paperwork, so my old job doesn't wind up screwing me over once again.

6. get the avon order figured out and entered into my account by 11pm.

7. write up the incentive email/flyer for the next campaign.

8. vote over at the order.

9. end the day with a warm, rubber duckie filled bubble bath.

and maybe, possibly, perhaps blogger will cooperate and i'll be able to upload the rest of my photos....but i will not call the computer nasty names if it doesn't behave.

okay. maybe just one or two semi-nasty ones.


Anonymous said...

I'm listening to your radio station online right now and I just read your bio page.

Do yourself a favor and add Chuck Klosterman to your fave authors list. He's a great read, especially for music fans.

So when are you on again?

Anonymous said...

Duff it looks like you have a great list for yourself. I might reorganize it a little. But that is just me, I would base success on getting out of bed before noon, and pat yourself on the back for that. The chores yes they need to get done. Park the car farther away then normal from where ever you are going and that will help if you miss the tread mill. It sounds stupid, but it works. It makes you feel better too if you forget to work out.

TiffaneyC said...

You are far more organized than I am...I am envious just a little

Labbie said...

Tomorrow never comes, you know?

Callie said...

So - did you actually succeed?

I can't remember how many times I hit snooze this morning, but I was still able to get in a mini-workout. Go me! Two days and counting . . .

Joefish said...

Oh, yeah... time to vote. I'd completely forgotten.

Def Leppard has a new CD? Or by new do you mean "recently acquired?"

just thinking said...

hope yours work out better than mine :D

duff said...

shhhh: i'm reading "fargo rock city" as we speak.

one day, when i have nothing else to do dring one of my shifts, i will update that page. not this weekend, though.

lance: actually, i hit snooze three times (so i could listen to my song all the way through), and still managed to get up in time to put in half an hour at the apartment complex's workout center.

tiffaney: i'm not really organized....just trying really hard to look like it.

labbie: i thought it was "tomorrow never dies".

callie: i managed #s 1, 2 (only five minutes late), 4 (except blueberries were outrageously expensive), 5, 6 is a work in progress, and 8.

far 9 may happen....depends on how long this order takes. 7, on the other hand, will happen tomorrow, at the earliest.

joefish: their latest- a few months old, i think...but i've been trying to be a good girl and stay out of best buy lately.

just thinking: i did okay today....or at least i think so, anyway.

no new post tonight, gang- have to get this avon order done. my schedule's pretty clear tomorrow evening, though....(and i'll take care of random photos then, too.)