Monday, January 23, 2006

you searched for what??? (part xvi-ish)

have i ever told you how easily amused i am? really? i haven't? are you sure you weren't just tuning me out and watching my lips move or something?

well, i am- which is why i get such an odd thrill every time i open up my statcounter account and see little tidbits like this:

15th January 2006 02:54:57 PM duff naked%2c with nothing on pics

so this querier (is that a word? it is now.) from kentucky not only wants to see hilary duff naked, but he (she?) also wants to make sure she's not wearing anything in these naked pics.

wow. that almost made too much sense. what doesn't really make sense, though, is how i managed to come in third on this one. i mean, really. i always make sure i have something on.

butt kissed cheerfully happy bunny

it may sound odd, but i actually know why this search pointed to this blog. i took this quiz last month, and, big surprise, i wound up with the "kiss my ass happy bunny" as my result.

like i said: big surprise

interesting combination to search for though, isn't it?

doing stuff while babysitting

i'm sixth- sixth! does google not realize i am a babysitter extraordinaire and, therefore, should show up in at least the top five of any babysitting-related search results? (well, except for the kinky ones- i'm afraid i couldn't tell you squat about grown men who like to wear diapers and suck on pacifiers.)

oh...the searches i just fell into with that one..... *cringing*

numa numa dance from canyon teachers

...what's a "canyon teacher"?

somehow, i'm third on msn for what does the aerosmith cd look like, which is completely normal, compared to a rather disturbing trend i just noticed:

Oklahoma, Norman, United States, 0 returning visits

16th January 2006 01:43:00 PM"public bathroom" poop&hl=en&filter=0&ui=blg

Missouri, Chesterfield, United States, 0 returning visits

16th January 2006 01:14:16 PM bathroom%22 poop&hl=en&filter=0&ui=blg

i go for months without such a search, and suddenly two like-minded folks in different states not only perform the search, but follow the link to me? suddenly, i feel so dirty.

quick- let's find something slightly more pleasant, like:

elmo gone evil

which leads you to me through one of my better posts, though i don't recall writing about elmo's connections to satan......

short love notes to wife

i didn't really tackle this topic, though i certainly advocate such behavior...and since i'm not sporting any jewelry of significance, notes to me are also encouraged....might i suggest leaving them on my car? (it was worth a shot.)

what do dreams about snakes mean

i'm the sixth result for this one (and i just loooove how my abbreviated entry starts out with "don't fart"), yet i don't have any sort of answers for you, despite owning a copy of freud's the interpretation of dreams. perhaps i'll be a little more helpful someday...after i've actually opened the book.

Wyoming, Greybull, United States, 0 returning visits
20th January 2006
07:48:03 PM duff in shower&first=11&FORM=PORE

guess there's not a lot to do in greybull, wyoming.
in a disturbing turn, i come up third, behind, well, click the links and see for yourself.

i can't end this edition of "you searched for what???" with that, so instead, let's end it with this:

which papper towel holds the most pennies

not only am i thrilled to show up on the first page of results, but i'm also pleased to report that, for quite possibly the first time ever, i'm not the one who made the spelling error.

yes, reader, i am doing a victory dance as we read.


Stef said...

i've had the strangest referrers ever since i started using sitemeter, and now i have the luxury of knowing where in the world they are from. the strangest one by far is one from a japanese website with pictures of asian girls, um, urinating. i gather this is a sexual turn on for some people. i hit that objectional content button so fast...

Kal said...

Hey, Duff: what happened to Ltl? Her blog seems to have disappeared?

Mossy Stone said...

Duff: Got your message and I removed the post so as to ward off future debate.

Labbie said...

Is there conflict going on? Why is your rather young sibling out?

mr_g said...

I always love reading my referring searches. I seem to get lots for MaryKay and Villi because of some stuff I wrote almost a year ago!

Stef said...

I'm still getting searches for "schlagschocken" from a post I wrote last February; lots of people look up "jigjag" for those crazy political cartoons (it's; and lots of searches from Spanish speaking coutries because of the name of my blog (Mi Vida Loca).