Saturday, January 28, 2006

sentence saturday

yes, folks, it's time once again for that weekly tradition- sentence saturday. the first word this week is knaflo, courtesy of lbseahag. scroll through the comments to find your word, make a sentence with it, and then please leave a made-up word for the next person to use...

...and while you wait for someone else to take the baton, check out this post you missed.
....and perhaps you'd like to tackle this challenge.
....and watch this.
...and listen to me here.


bricotrout said...

brico was so ecstatic that he was the first to participoate in duffs little game that he experienced just a bit of knaflo and had to change his pants.


mr_g said...

She giggled and turned red, as nobody had ever tickled her junkoozie quite that way before.


bricotrout said...

sex up to that point in her life had been simply a novelty to get attention. but as soon as he showed her just what the schlapodoch technique could do for her... well, she quickly gained a reputation for being QUITE friendly indeed around the office.


duff said...

faced with a swarm of mosquitos, sheila felt the best course of action would be to fend them off using the widely practiced clapslap technique.


mr_g said...

Though appearing actijetic in the cab to the airport, once on the plane, she sought initiation into the mile-high club.


Kal said...

Whenever I see Duff comment on my blog my heart starts to thrombobulate.


mr_g said...

The sparling little squirrel viciously ate the rabbit which is why you must never let squirrels sparl.


Stef said...

After #2 had a good meal, a crude vocalization escaped his lips. "You snelcher!" his grandmother exclaimed; "You know better than to do that without saying 'excuse me'!"


mr_g said...

The hairy hapirth on her chin could only be removed with electric shock and vasoline.


Labbie said...

When I took that medication, my gonads had a glandtasmic feel to them... Like a thousand little kitty cats scratching them.


mr_g said...

She was embarrassed by her fooblebib, that extra skin around her neck, and tried to cover it with turtlenecks.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

My blood pressure rises and I can feel myself becoming endoportaunomic every time I try to comment on sentence Saturday and Blogger won't let me do it!


duff said...

ok, gang- next week we'll start off with weezleboon, courtesy of kep.

thanks for stopping by and joining our little game.

Kalani said...

I missed it :(

I was SO busy but I'll be back next week.