Wednesday, January 18, 2006

playing the part.

you know, ever since posting this week's hnt, i've had "vivrant thing" stuck in my head. i like the song well enough, but it's always driven me nuts that it's "vivrant" and not "vibrant".

i feel better getting that off my chest- thanks.

i'm working on my second chuck klosterman book, sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs. so far, i'm up to the part where he's talking about how we fall for celebrities in roles they've played, which is completely true, at least in my mind. here's my list of ten:

1. val kilmer as chris knight
2. judd nelson as bender
3. rik mayall as fred
4. cary elwes as westley
5. david bowie as jareth
6. christian slater as mark hunter
7. brandon lee as erik draven
8. johnny depp as edward
9. val kilmer as simon templar
10. jeremy piven as james andrews

as you may have noticed, i didn't mention the actual movies.

go ahead and read my mind- i'd love to see who can come up with the most correct...

also, i'd love to pick your brain- which characters have you fallen for?


Joefish said...

Chuck Klosterman is my god.

1. Real Genius
2. Breakfast club
3. Drop Dead Fred
4. Princess Bride
5. Umm... Legend? I know it's one of those 80s pop fantasy thingies.
6. Pump Up The Volume
7. The Crow
8. Edward Scissorhands
9. The Saint
10. PCU

I know I've been completely smitten with characters, but I'll be damned if I can think of a single one. I know I've always to be Christian Slater as J.D., but that's not quite the same thing, is it?

Kal said...

#5 Labrynth? And I didn't cheat and IMDB'it.

Here's my top five actor/character crushes:

1. Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully
2. Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully
3. Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully
4. Kerri Green as Andy Carmichael
5. Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully.

bricotrout said...

i got breakfast club and edward scissor hands.
me not 2 smart

just thinking said...

oh yeah... I'm a fox mulder fan.

the original marriedman said...

Chris Reeves as my owner, hands down. Too bad the fucker is dead

duff said...

solved before 6 am? spoilsports.

so, joefish, bricotrout- where are your lists? hmmm?

Motherdear said...

1. John Cleese as "Archie"
2. Harrison Ford as "Henry"
3. Harrison Ford as "Quinn"
4. Harrison Ford as "Indy"
5. John Travolta in "Phenomenon"
6. Nathan Lane as "Albert"

(I know, I know...but a man who can make me laugh has the key to my heart.)

muse-in-training said...

Oh, I've only fallen for...6 of the same characters as you, but I do have to add Johnny Depp as Capt. Sparrow and Christian Slater as J.D. in Heathers. Yummy psycho.
And the classic, Harrison Ford as Han. And Ewan McGregor as Christian. Okay, I'm just hopeless...

duff said...

motherdear: was the "i know, i know" referring to #6? am i actually the last person on earth to figure out he's not into girls?

i am, aren't i? i thought he was just...flamboyant.

muse-in-training: i'll admit it- i wouldn't kick capt. sparrow out of my bedroom.