Saturday, January 14, 2006

sentence saturday.....eventually

i'm not sure how it happened.

the weather was in the 70s all week, and i was finally going to celebrate by wearing shorts today. i shaved my legs and everything, just so i wouldn't scare small children with my long, lustrous leg hair. (did you hear that? that was the sound of my sibling cringing.)

anyway, i crawled out of bed about 45 minutes ago, chased down an appropriate short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and the new bouncy adidas, gathered up my laptop and headphones, opened the front door, and ........very quickly shut that door, dropped all of my worldly possessions, ran into my room, and put on about three more layers.

i'm not exactly sure when or how, but at some point while i was sleeping, it got cold.

now, before my comments fill up with various cracks from folks up to their spleens in snow, let me point out that south carolina is the first place i've ever lived that experiences the fluffy white stuff maybe once a year- if we're lucky. in fact, i'm a big fan of snow....which is one of the myriad of reasons why i spend each christmas in maine. i love flopping down in the snow, i love attempting to make an igloo (sibling and i have never quite worked out how to do it properly, but i still enjoy trying.) i love snowball fights...unless i'm getting my ass kicked. i love sledding, though it's just not the same as when we were little and did it on the hill in the cemetary down the hill from our house in maryland. most of all, i love catching snowflakes on my tongue (except in heavily polluted cities- those kinda burn a little, for some strange reason.)

in short, i like snow.

here in south carolina, when it does snow, you'll find me either snickering at the folks who are clearing out the bread aisle because half an inch is in the forecast, or else swearing up a storm in my car at the ones who are so absolutely scared of the white stuff that they feel the need to drive 20 the fast lane.

that said, i'm not sure how it happened, but i've become a little bit of a weenie about the cold.*

i mean, i was a little chilly in the 10-degree weather in wyoming (that was on a warm day). i was more than okay in maine, where it was a lukewarm 30 degrees, which did not necessitate the donning of a coat. so why is it that the 40 degrees this morning left me shivering- even after i threw on a thermal long-sleeved shirt, wool sweater, flannel-lined jeans, winter parka, 20' scarf, and three pairs of gloves?**

so, while i thaw out, how about taking part in this week's edition of sentence saturday? our first word this week is xiqek. scroll through the comments to find yours- and don't forget to leave a nonsensical word for the next in line. (or, online, technically)

oh- one other thing this morning- if you click on that link above my picture between 10am and 3pm (eastern time) today or tomorrow, you'll actually hear me on WNOK, playing music to blog by....or something like that.

*my apartment doesn't count- i'm paying the electric bill, and i'm a little cheap, especially since even with the heat off, the bill usually costs me an arm and a leg. i'm beginning to wonder if perhaps SO is recharging a car battery or something in the closet.

**okay, i might be exaggerating just a little. so what?


bricotrout said...

OOOH! do i get to start things off?? hmmm, do i make the first word? okay: Wnok

Upon opening the door and feeling the full effects of the cold front that passed through during the night, Duff's knees immediately began to wnok together uncontrollably, waking her s.o. out of a peaceful sleep.


duff said...


brico was too pervertarded to notice the first word this week was supposed to be


Anonymous said...

Well Lance picked up on Duffs condition right away he was going to fly up to Carolina however he caught the end of his mr Happy in his zipper, now he has to go for an emergency xiqek to have it removed.

bricotrout said...

once again lances addiction xiqek has effected his mental state and he forgot to leave the next word causing a flawless sentence saturday to come to a grinding halt.


Bobby said...

People are confusing my wnok this morning, i havent had my coffee and i'm acting a little pervertarded. i may come back later after I take care of my xiqek in the shower.



Bobby said...

darn in, after all my hard work, brico posted while i was too, he sure has some zerketrude.


Kal said...

Duff's sunquiplously complaining about the weather is funny to those of us stuck up to our xiqek's in snow...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I cannot keep things rolling, I feel into a smork after the procedure, I have to tell you though it added an inch to my day.


bricotrout said...

lance has obviously been smoking way too many crackturds as of late. along with his xiqek addiction it is amazing he remembers to put the landing gear down and rear flaps up before tryin gto land.


Anonymous said...

Brice had a reaction to stepping outside of the house and remembering he forgot to wear underwear yet again, he quickly grabbed the spare pair as he was not going to get caught smockgruding around the grocery store. Though the ladies love him for it.


bricotrout said...

On his around the world solo flight journey, Lnace had made it 2/3rds the way across when at an overnight stop off east asia he forgot to empty the nippoopalator. the extra weight caused him to run out of fuel 150 miles short of his destination. search crews looked for years for his wreckage. urban legends of the pale skin man who shoved his ass in natives faces roamed the islands for ever after.


Anonymous said...

Brice sent out a search party looking for Lance, years of hard work and dedication kept Brice looking for the pale skin man, then one day he walked into his own sneak attack, and was facebutticamed and the world laughed as the Buddhist felt that special spiritual connection with another mans ass.


bricotrout said...

duff had been round and round and up and down that dial. she had been hosting country, hip hop and even the godawful 80's har band rock stations. then she landed the gig of her dreams. she was the 10pm to 5am host of the new WNEK neckfusion station. she was in heaven!


Anonymous said...

We all wondered about the missing presidental blogger that was shut down by blooger international, then the rumours of being pervertarded broke and we all knew, he had found his own Monica, and The Gap sales soared.


Kalani said...

I am the epitome of pervertarded.


Kalani said...


Go on a sailride you big fat akgotly!


jkirlin said...

I had a pirew on my leg but got it lanced. It seems better now but may leave a scar.


Kalani said...

What the fuddah is Kirlin talking about! Nevermind I don't want to know. ;)


duff said...

wait a sec- godawful hair bands?

that is so wrong, brico.

carry on.

bricotrout said...

*wink... snicker*

kalani could hold half a gallon of jiktas in her mouth at a time. she LOVED it!


joanne said...

Okay, I know I have been gone a while but I had to comment on the photo of you on the cow! I love it!!

Joe said...

After 25 painful minutes on the toilet, I stood up and looked down into the bowl that was speclimiful of crap.


Kalani said...

B can keep his poohnads to himself after that last remark! ;)


Anonymous said...

K had a ritual to get ready for going out on the town. She painted on the pants, did her hair, and lijyol with tape her boobs together. It was her secret till now.


bricotrout said...

then when she came back home with a new non retardeedd friend she would get him situated in the kinkolift and give him a night to remember!


Anonymous said...

When she upwrapped the package the non retarded lover of the hour, let loose a hornlogged package she hadn't seen since 1968.


Stef said...

The ex b/f called the other night, making undoubtedly empty promises about changing his safistile to one of a law abiding citizen.


Anonymous said...

Frank had a secret that he kept from his fiance, however this was their big night and she would find out he had wooditank syndrome, she smiled all night.


Kalani said...

I think Chauncy is ostinate and clueless but it only adds to the entertainment value!


Kal said...

I love going to the kids soccer games, all those mifwystious moms... ummm...


Kalani said...

Someone needs to splang a thing or two to Chauncy.


Anonymous said...

Kalani did you get that tape off or did you have to use the qisdoely remover again?


Kalani said...

Don't worry about the sugapuddin, that's what plastic produce bags are for.


bricotrout said...

when i was using my makeshift profolactics i had to finish very quickly otherwise there might have been a hijurip. and NOONE wanted THAT!


Anonymous said...

Well, I use a different techinque it invloves a flembasted celebration of love baby, at least thats what we call it.


Labbie said...

Advances in genetic science have led to the creation of celleartrout, a kind of fish that you can store with the wine.