Friday, January 06, 2006

burn with me, heaven's on fire....

for some inexplicable reason, "heaven's on fire" has been running through my head (well, just two lines of the song, technically) for the past hour. i can't remember whether paul or gene sings it, but the version in my head is definitely paul (which is odd, because i've always liked gene better....even if he looks a little wild- or is that the appeal?)

i'm holding chuck klosterman responsible, because i know the song was mentioned in the chunk of fargo rock city that i read last night.

i had a college professor (broadcasting, of course) who looooooved kiss. i mean, i'm 99% sure he was a card-carrying member of the kiss army. somewhere in my notes from one of his classes, i know i scribbled down "all kiss songs are about gene simmons' penis or...."

too bad i can't remember what came after "or". perhaps that'll inspire a treasure hunt in daddy's garage next time i'm in kansas city.

in other musical news, aerosmith's coming to charlotte thursday night. if you listen to me online this weekend, you'll hear me playing my favorite aerosmith tunes and giving away tickets. however, i've already been informed:

1. no tickets for my personal use (just as well- i have to babysit anyway)
2. "big ten inch" was not a top 40 hit, therefore, i cannot play it.

so, look forward to "rag doll", "love in an elevator", and another favorite or two of mine. (i'll get a link up in the sidebar before i'm on in the morning so you can suffer through my show, just like the locals do.)

i wore my spiffy new hoodie today. (picture to follow on random pics tomorrow.) it's from alice cooper's joint in phoenix. may follow the rock and roll theme tomorrow too- i haven't decided yet....but i know where my poison babydoll tee is, just in case.

and on that note, it's time to head for bed....which makes me think of this rather obscure one:

So lay back
Call off the attack
Cause if you look deep
Dreams are nothing that I lack
And all I seek
A final chance to speak
And I would let the whole thing keep
If I could just sleep

(yep- too lazy to decapitalize)

some sort of fantastic prize to whomever guesses that one soon as i think of something fantastic to offer up.


ltlme said...

I remember I use to have a weird thing for Steven Tyler when I was little.....didn't want his body or anything....just had a weird thing for him.

duff said...

interesting.....i was always more of a joe perry kind of girl.

NJ said...

I saw the capital letters and I was worried you had been replaced by an alien! Glad you clarified, I was worried.

duff said...

would you have rescued me from the aliens, nj?

(it was worth a shot.)

Footprint said...

Knights In Satan's Service??

"Feel the heat/Taking it up/Burn in the Heat/Heaven's on fire..."

duff said...

the first cd i ever bought was "revenge"

i still have "domino" memorized.

Mossy Stone said...

It was definitely Paul, because I'm now singing that song in my head as well.

Somwehere in the basement I have a lot of KISS vinyl.

Feel my heat/Takin' you higher/Burn with me/Heaven's on Fire
Paint the sky/With desire/Angels fly/Heaven's on Fire.