Saturday, December 31, 2005

i always feel like...somebody's watching me.

i'm keeping an ear on the kids i'm babysitting- if the eldest two don't get quiet in the next ten minutes, i guess i'll have to wander in and threaten to separate about the time i finish this post.

anyway, i finally opened a piece of "junk" mail today. normally i toss letters from random banks into the trash, especially since

a. i run up enough debt on my credit card....and i have zero need to have another one at my disposal.

b. i get a lot of credit card offers from banks.

however, this one has sat on the dining room table (instead of the recycling heap) for quite some time now....because it was a little different. most of these "incredible offers" from banks are addressed to my non-duff name....or, on occasion, they're to my non-non-duff name...but this was the first to "Ms. Duff E. Bear".

great...who decided to send spam based on an an email alias?

i should have known. without going into great detail, let's just say i was right. it was him...and it wasn't a wife, but the girlfriend who's sometimes an ex.

of course, i opened this letter today, long after scribbling out the holiday card, complete with the inquiry about marriage (i think i included that, i mean, he was my hundredth (alphabetically) out of 130) as well as one about the "gas station incident"...which was phrased in his letter like this:

"I think I may have seen you walking into the gas station in Platte Woods while you were in town but I'm not for sure."

i love it when i'm right.

now, if you'll excuse me, i've got a couple of kids to fuss at and a letter to write.

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Joefish said...

Ms. Duff E. Bear. That's awesome. Will you autograph my forehead, Ms. Bear?