Saturday, December 10, 2005

i see you, baby

shakin that thang, shakin that thang

man, whatever happened to groove armada?

a few things have shown up on my statcounter lately. i can only assume that means i've been added to thanks:

mr. g

and, last but not least, the lovely and talented kalani, who's a weekly supporter. (sort of like a favorite bra, minus the pokey underwire...)

i hope i didn't forget anyone....but if i did, feel free to yell at me in my comment section for this post.


Jo said...

Come now duff, it's shakin' that ASS!!!!!

duff said...

yeah...but when i played it in college, we were only allowed the edited version.

MamaKBear said...

Aw girl, you've been on my blogroll for awhile now! I read ya every day, just don't always comment. :)

TiffaneyC said...

Wow, this award is so unexpected. Well, I'd like to thank the academy, my mom, gee..What do you mean I didn't get an award? Oh, you were thanking me? *blush* I always manage to make things about me....I am soooo not self-centered!!! :) Your blog is great!!