Sunday, December 18, 2005

the holiday rush, part two

if i put my "to do" list on here, i can pretend i'm blogging while actually accomplishing something- or is it the other way around?

i finally finished my holiday letter last weekend. i attempted to make copies of it yesterday, but that only led to heartbreak, frustration, and the overwhelming desire to reenact the fax machine scene from office space.

however, i managed to wrestle about ten copies from the jaws of the copy machine, which is approximately 1/12th of what i need. (no lectures about trimming the list, please- i like sending cards.)

so, unless i can convince the copy machine to see things my way and stop mangling my copies, i have an excuse to write no more than ten holiday cards. (hey, it's a start.)

also on the "to do" list today:

~figure out what the heck i want for christmas, which includes nothing here....not even the ram's head snuff mull. (i must admit, though, the wheels make it pretty tempting...)

~locate another pair of my bouncy adidas (women's a3 megaride in silver/blue) and purchase them before SO can....thwarting his evil plans. (well, not really evil- i just prefer to make things a little harder for him so he'll be forced to surprise me...)

~scribble on avon catalogs and add up my 2-week vacation from makeup, accessories, and trinkets can begin wednesday evening.

~call our engineer and get the radio station's streaming fixed, so you might actually be able to hear me between now and the holidays, instead of thinking i'm just being a tease.

~figure out what to get SO for christmas. so far, rejected possibilities include:

*sheryl crow

not happening because: lance armstrong could totally kick SO's ass.

*denise richards

not happening because: charlie sheen could totally kick SO's ass.

*shannon elizabeth

not happening because: her ex-husband could totally kick SO's ass.

*alyssa milano

not happening because: i'm not sure whether she's married or not, but even if she isn't, she could totally kick SO's ass. plus, he watches charmed enough to know that she knows witchcraft. (then again, maybe that's a turn-on.)

so, with those options thrown out, i'm left with sun devil gear, green corn tamales from his favorite restaurant, revenge of the sith, and one of these.

actually, that eagle/skull thing would be perfect for someone else i know. if you'll excuse me, i need to locate my credit card information. i think i'll need at least three.......


Anonymous said...

If I can find someone to protect me from Lance and Charlie, can you arrange for Sheryl and Denise to come to my house? Thanks. That'd be great. ;-)

duff said...

as long as you promise never to tell SO i could actually arrange such things....i'd hate for him to think i'm holding out on him.....

Joefish said...

I want the chicken hat on that auction site. So if anyone's looking for a gift for me...