Saturday, December 31, 2005

this just in...

well, actually, i just got in. i'm back from maine (nearly 70 degrees down here, i was about 65 degrees colder in maine this morning....), and i've got unpacking to do, dishes to do, mail to know- the usual post-trip list.

so, please forgive the lack of sentence saturday this week. i have less than 3 hours to get a few things done and head out the door to babysit tonight. (SO won't be back from his corner of the country, so unless i cuddle up to a cat or a sleeping five year old, i've got no one to kiss at midnight...again this year.

but i have pictures...lots of them, in fact. and two posts to write- one on my adventures in the great white north (sort of), and one involving this undeniable urge i have to listen to la guns. (it relates to a book i'm reading, but i don't want to spoil it.....)

so, check back with me tomorrow, when i hope to have all that and maybe a year end wrap-up or some resolutions or something, which, let's face it, is more than you've gotten from me all week.


bricotrout said...

welcome back! you know i was born in maine (ltlme was born in colorado) i live in SC you live in SC! this is too much of a co-in-kee-dink!
happy new year to you and your pony!

ltlme said...

freud wishes you happy new year and says that if he could, he'd give you a kiss at the stroke of midnight.

duff said...

psst- bricotrout- i was born in colorado, too.