Monday, December 05, 2005

20,000 words

so much to write about, but sometimes it’s best to just let the pictures say a couple thousand words for me instead.

i want to be this fantastic when i’m 84.

while the original plan was to drive over to ft. laramie , which is 10 miles away from lingle, wyoming (population 510), norma and i wound up driving to scotts bluff, nebraska, instead. after a meal at the local chinese buffet and a stop at the doctor’s office, we wandered over to the national park, where i picked up not one, not two, but five cancellations on my national park passport.

there’s a road to the top of the bluff, as well as hiking trails throughout the park, but at a whopping 19 degrees, neither norma nor i had any interest whatsoever in exploring either option. (besides, it’ll leave something to accomplish next time.)

on the way home, we stopped at the rock shop between torrington and lingle. my last visit was at least 13 years ago, and i made up for lost time by purchasing just over $100 worth of rocks. (keep in mind, that $80 of it was comprised of a pair of australian opals destined to become a pair of earrings as soon as i have time and money to chase down a trustworthy jeweler.)

while i'm posting pictures, remember those billboards i told you about?


Stef said...

wow, those are great! What airport are those in again? I'm too tired to look it up right now.

duff said...

i found 'em all at the denver airport.

duff said...

here's a link to the whole series.

Motherdear said...

Wonderful post, duff. You are the most creative person I know, I think!

duff said...

aww...thanks, motherdear.

i don't know about being the most creative person you know, though- your son sure comes up with some doozies.

have you seen bodhi's blog yet? that might be good for a giggle....