Monday, October 30, 2006

the good, the bad, and the just plain weird

i was hurting for something to blog about tonight, but lo and behold, salvation has come in the form of statcounter.

it's been awhile since the last time i did this, and i'm pleased to report that it seems the foot fetishists have left the building....or maybe they've just gone into hiding.

anyway, without further adieu, here are some of the latest ways people have stumbled into my blog:

104.7 WNOK journey tickets

imagine that- some poor soul here in columbia (well, technically on the other side of town, in lexington) does not have tickets to the journey concert this thursday, so they googled my station in the hopes of scoring some tickets.

dude, if def leppard performs their set first, i'd be more than happy to let you use my ticket for the journey portion of the concert.

cute and cuddly wallpaper

i'm #9 for this one- somewhere between actual wallpaper sites and...well....more actual wallpaper sites. (i wonder if any of them stock the vaguely risque metallic red wallpaper we had in the bar area of our house in college.....)

slimey the worm t-shirt office space

is there a slimey the worm t-shirt in office space? is that reason enough for me to watch the movie again? i think so. (then again, when was the last time i actually needed a reason to watch office space?)


oh, honey. i'm not sure bryan adams can "fogive" you for botching his name like that.

meatball "it's all coming back"

*snickering* i'm afraid i'm just not quite sure where to start with this one. as i recall from researching a previous post, meatloaf has actually lost weight recently, which would make him resemble a meatball less than previously, not more.

furthermore, i seriously doubt meatloaf would touch a celine dion tune with a ten foot pole. (if he has, perhaps it's time to cart him off to rehab.)

lyrics dady you can you have to walk away all fogive me mama say

i'm afraid something was lost in the translation here. no- make that a lot of somethings.

"ceiling repair" bob villa

my old boyfriend, patrick, would be proud to know that apparently i'm now one of the leading authorities on ceiling repair. in fact, i'll share my wisdom with you, for the low, low price of "free":

just tell everyone you needed a skylight anyway.

peter pan layout for myspace

i'm pretty sure i double-posted the piece that this search pointed to, so i'm a little curious as to why the searcher in question went with my blogger post instead of the myspace post. something to ponder over a nice bowl of fairy dust-sprinkled cereal, don't you think?

shanana bowser theme song

dear canadian querier behind this search,

i love you, if only because you're not afraid to admit you've heard of sha na na.


girlfriend gunnar nelson quality time

if that's an offer, count me in! maybe if i'm really lucky, he'll serenade me with "more than ever". (yes, i'm being serious- for once.)

rick schroder + cheating on wife

let me assure you, i'm not the "other woman", mostly because i don't share very well.

"block political phone"

tell me about it- i'm sck of the political phone calls, too. yet another reason why i'm never home to answer my phone. wake me when it's over, but only if the congress is under democratic control.

free videos of kate moss,s feet being tickled

perhaps i spoke too soon about the foot fetishists. however, i feel the need to point out that, for once, the fetishist wasn't interested in hilary duff or amanda peet.


.: raven :. said...

just stopping by to say hello .. hope all is well in your world ...


Mossy Stone said...

I'm almost certain Meatloaf re-did that Celine song. He does a better job

LBseahag said...

this was so random, i love it!

Did Ricky Shroeder break up Reese Witherspoon's marriage?

I think your blog is like the magic 8 ball...

please fogive me....that killed me.....

Callie said...

The link between Meatloaf and Celine Dion on that song is (I believe) the same guy did both of their videos (you can definately see similarities).

Rick Schroeder, huh? You naughty girl.

Callie said...

Oh - and I just googled the damn thing - and Jim Steinman wrote the song, too. It looks like Meatloaf is covering the song on his newest Bat Out of Hell album (#3).

More than you wanted to know, huh?

duff said...

raven: it's been interesting, but in a good sort of way, i guess.

mossy stone: i know tone-deaf lemurs who could top celine.

seahag: ricky schroeder and reese witherspoon? two child stars hooking up? awesome.

callie: i've heard things about the new album. unfortunately, they aren't necessarily good things.