Sunday, November 05, 2006

i'm bringing sexy back......

well, maybe that's going a bit far.....but i personally find it impossible to listen to justin timberlake (now playing on wnok) without singing along.

i broke down yesterday, but it wasn't nearly as scary as i imagined it might be.

yes, dear reader, i went shopping.

before i go any further, let me point out that i am not one of those chicks who lives to shop. in fact, unless i'm out of veggies or books, i pretty much avoid shopping all together. (unless, of course, i happen to be on vacation, when i feel it is my duty to support the local economy by purchasing mass quantities of postcards and souvenirs.)

so, normally when money flies out of my bank account, it's to pay for my bills or plane tickets.

but something happened yesterday. i'm not sure if it was the realization that my anniversary is coming up in less than three weeks (yep- five years, and i'm still running from jewelry of great significance), or the desire to get the sort of reactions i did this past thursday, when i wore big girl boots and a short skirt to the def leppard/journey concert, or i simply wanted some type of reward for dragging my lazy butt out of bed not once, but twice this past week to spend some quality time on the treadmill, but i headed straight from work to the mall.

since i'd already scouted things out on both the frederick's and victoria's secret websites, i figured the trip would be a quick in and out (never thought i'd use that phrase in the same sentence as "frederick's" and "victoria's secret") and i could get home and take a nap before an evening of babysitting.


there were a few things i hadn't counted on:

1. nothing i'd picked out on either website was in stock in my size.
2. the latest push up bra offered by both establishments pushed up not only my boobs, but also a distressingly large amount of flesh in that previously unnoticed back underarm region. now, i'm not a big girl by any means, but that weird bubble of flesh scared the hell out of me. in fact, if you ever need assistance in a dressing room, just shriek like you've seen a ghost....or previously unknown hunk of flesh in a normally non-fleshy part of your body. i have never seen so many salespeople come running so quickly.
3. once inside the mall, i was reminded that i may have said something this week about buying another skirt or two to wear with my big girl boots, which necessitated a trip to old navy, where i was also reminded that if i buy more white socks, i can put off that load of laundry for a few more days......

and so on and so forth. next thing i know, two and a half hours have gone by, and my bank account is roughly $140 emptier. however, for that $140, i have enough socks to put off that white load for over a week, two new short skirts- which will surely inspire me to haul my butt off to the treadmill tomorrow morning, two new tank tops (i mean, can you beat 2/$12? i think not), and enough new dainty underthings to..uh....inspire interest for an entire weekend.

now, all i need is a good book for my next flight, and i'm set for awhile.....


Callie said...

You know - other than the fact that we look nothing alike, and have two different sets of parents, we could so be related. I hate shopping. Well, not hate, but I tend to avoid it like you avoid jewelry of great significance. But when I DO go shopping, I get so proud of myself. LOL

Sounds like you got some good deals. Going to have to post the mini w/big girl boot pictures!

mr_g said...

I still maintain that the shopping gene is on the leg of the x chromosome that men don't have. God help me if I'm in the mall on a weekend! Especially around LA!

locomocos said...

i too avoid any jewelry of great significance, but if anyone wants to buy me jewelry of lesser significance, hey, i can't stop them.

although i have to FIND them, as no one buys me jewerly period....

so there is actually a Frederick's STORE in your mall? ooo...i want to go - just to look! I bet they have that pirate outfit i've seen all over their magazine, just SITTING on the rack!