Friday, November 24, 2006

i fear for mrs. peacock's tiny bladder

surely, i am not the only one who has noticed a conspicuous omission from the game of clue. how is it that mr. boddy, the owner of the mansion, could afford a house with a ballroom and a billiard room, but not a single bathroom?


Agent Chuckawucka said...

In addition to that, we should also consider the following: how bad do they smell considering that, as you've noted, there is no bathtub. A ballroom, a billards room, a library - but no bathroom. Not even a sink (though I think that in atleast one occasion, there is a mention of a kitchen. So one can only presume that there is some sort of water receptacle there).

Maybe the answer is simple: I presume he takes a bath in the outdoor fountain (rich guys tend to have them) and takes the money that he has saved on constructing bathroom to put for, I dunno, state of the art security systems.

Or perhaps he puts his savings into the coiffers to buy candlesticks and ropes on bulk, as he seems to be subjected to the odd conk on the head and noose about the neck, no doubt resulting in permanent product damage.

fat_toad said...

"... missing bathroom"

this is why you shouldnt hire ALIEN contractors